“Purpose is the discovery of a reason for your existence and is defined as the original intent for the creation of a thing. Every human being was created for a specific purpose, and when that purpose is discovered, then a leader is born” – Dr Myles Munroe (The Spirit of Leadership)

Who are you? It’s a question that a lot of people fail to ask so they strive to become everyone else. What truly defines us? Our values, character and attitude are the qualities that distinguish us from each other and make us want to join a cause or start one. We are humans made in the image and likeness of our Creator with a flesh and with awesome supernatural tendencies through our Spirit. It leads us out of the natural to something more distinct and unseen that most of what we hope to receive is received by faith. We are being transformed in our minds by the renewal of our Spirit which always connects us to our Source – God. We are all the same being, unique with different gifts, talents, dreams and purpose. The primary purpose of God towards us is to manifest His glory here on earth, so when you choose to become someone else you waste what you have been created to become. Everyone has a purpose but you will have to do some work discovering that which you have been created to be.

Unfortunately a lot of people with tremendous gifts and resources have allowed other people to run their lives.  They tell you what to do with your lives and they become the primary reason for doing it. There is no room for mistake and they will want you to be perfect. You fail them then you are adjudged to have failed completely. You become frustrated, depressed and disconnected from what you truly want to become. The reason for doing anything should come from you, you must discover those reasons for yourself or else you will not be happy doing it. Let their voices be the last you will consider which is after making your decisions based on your gifts and calling in life. However, in life there is never a perfect path to success until you take the first steps in achieving your purpose. If you must choose that path you must ensure that it aligns with the purpose of God for your life to make whatever He has placed in your hands to manifest His glory.

The only thing that can keep us from becoming all we have been created to be is our heart that is why the Word of God asked us to guard our hearts for out of it comes the issues of life. The enemy is within you, in your heart that is where you win or lose any battle. Regardless of the fact that there is a lot of evil in the world today, you must guard your heart not to be like them but to be as God made you to be. The evil around makes you believe that you are worthless, valueless and hated. It makes you aware of the wrong things going on around you that if you cannot beat the world system, you will have to join them by becoming like them. It lies to you that you are a lesser being and nothing good can come out of you while you are much more. It tells you to give up even though you have been given the capacity to walk through the unending waves. It always gives you a bad meaning of life that we cannot enjoy life and keeps you poor minded. It often gives us a bad song when all we need is a whisper of good rhythms of life.

However, it is hard to see the goodness in the world because it seems evil has sabotaged the effort of that goodness, but goodness still strives. Evil is always perpetrated and it triumphs because we have failed to identify who we are. A corrupt self breeds a corrupt system.

Who are you? Are you that person that strives be different, conquer evil with generosity, love, gratitude, understanding and wisdom? Are you that person that seeks to see the good in others, appreciate them even when they are not at their best? Are you that person who seeks to be more , pursue what is right, possess the right character, attitude and value to build a good system within you and it will rub on everyone around you.

In you is a new dance, you could rock the world.

In you is a new book, it could become a bestseller.

In you is an invention, you could build an innovative system.

In you is a leader, you could bring awesome change to the world.

In you is a teacher, you could lead generations towards a path to greatness.

In you is a renowned speaker, you could inspire and motivate a new generation of leaders to begin to make a difference.

In you is a song, you could win a Grammy.

In you is a word that could change your world.

It would not matter whether you have the resources or not, what matters is that you have a dream that can transform the world. No matter your disability you can become great, what matters is that drive inside that will get you fired up. You can conquer and rise above circumstances surrounding you right now to become more. The odds might be against you but you have to play even and not sit around doing nothing. Keep dreaming, do what you really love doing, educate yourself and pursue a cause.



There was one wonderful thing about the birth of Christ that seems to fascinate me. It was the visit of the Magi, the wise men from the east. It was not the gifts they brought but the star in which they saw in the east and took the journey to worship Him who was born to save the world. Herod the King of Judea at that time saw that as a great opposition. He wanted to stop this star from shining which was born the King of the Jews. What really makes this star exceptional as there are many stars in the sky? It was actually leading them to where Christ was as it went ahead of them until it stopped over the place He was laid.

What does this mean to us?

It means a lot to us because we are all stars that can shine. Have you ever taken a moment to look up to the sky every night? Do you notice that the stars don’t struggle with each other to shine, none is greedy of the other and none is hindering the shine of another? We can all shine if we don’t let the darkness around us drown out our light. The obstacle to Christ’s shining was Herod (the enemy) who was doing all he can to ruin the life of Jesus. As a star no matter how bright you are shining you will face various oppositions but you have to be prepared to face each of them. The opposition is what will prevent you from not achieving your purpose and vision for your life.

Do You Have a Picture?

What kind of picture are you creating for yourself? Is it bright or dim, do you see possibilities or impossibilities? Do you see yourself succeeding or failing? We will experience this in every journey of our lives. There would be times when we will be faced with certain challenges that can take us off the edge but we have been given that grace to start all over. It’s not about what has happened but how we are willing to let go and try again. You are a star, awesome, beautiful, handsome and wonderful. Nothing will happen if you do not give it the permission to. Whether good or bad remember your choices was one of those things that got you where you are today. Your star is not yet to come, it is in you and you have the opportunity to make it shine. Always stay focused on what is right about you and not what is wrong, be aware of your weaknesses but do not let them be your point of reference. A work is never complete without taking the necessary steps to make exploits.

What Next?

Do not be distracted by others because they will always stop you from shining. It’s either something is impossible or cannot be done because you are the first to do it. Think out of the box. Do not allow the voices of other people drown your inner voice. They all have something they want you to become but they deal is between you and God to fulfill his purpose for your life. Your happiness should not come from the approval and admiration of other people. You cannot shine alone but surround yourself with people that will be ready to tell you the truth when you are straying away. You must make sure the help you to keep shining. Be aware, be sound, be happy, and be at peace with yourself. Create networks, create alliances, create a hold and create your own world.

And then……

Be more logical than sentimental; do not judge blindly by feelings and appearance on the other hand you will be judged mostly by actions and not intentions.

Define Who You Are

Who are you? An awesome star shone from the east that men will discover and want to come to your place of honor. Be all you want to be, be yourself do not pretend. Be “you”nique, be your own brand and do not compare yourself to anyone. They are their star let them handle it, make good use of yours. Be creative and innovative in every approach but be strategic with the moves you make. Be open to make mistakes, make adjustments then make your way back to conquer. Learn to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Improve and Improve…….

Continue to improve, keep going, be on the lookout for what to start, what to stop and what to keep doing for we are nothing but what we repeatedly do.

By the nature of the star imparted on us by our Creator we have been given an opportunity to be exceptional and live a life filled with purpose.

Where is your star taking you? Where can we find you?