What I have Learnt


Wow! Sequel to my birthday I was doing a series on #WhatIhaveLearnt with some inputs from friends. And I will still be sharing most of them with us and what I really learnt from each of them:

1. “What I do with my life is mostly my responsibility than that of others”

I’ve seen people blame the system, their parents, their friends and even their enemies for not succeeding so they hardly want to say they are responsible for something that happens to them. Someone must be at fault for their problems and not them. I was once there but I’d chosen to rise above them. No excuses! If something went wrong than I thought that means I was actually wrong from the beginning so why blame anybody for my wrongs. It’s your fault you’re where you are so rise above it, take responsibility for your life and future.

2. “SWAG means Something We All Got: Potential”

and it is what will pay when everything you’d worked for failed to work out. When all the certifications you’ve got matters less and what is within you begins to manifest. Your potential is something that no amount of money is enough to buy what you’ve got inside you.

3. “To do more is to have done little.”

Always surprised how people want things to happen in a flash without going through the right processes, they are not giving enough, they are not saving enough and yet they want things that are even bigger than them. Having big dreams won’t pay only if you go through the right processes by starting with little.

4. “You’re absolutely unique, you can’t be wearing someone else clothes on your potential.”

A lot of us are living other people’s lives and not making use of our own potentials. We want to go where they go, do what they do, have what they have, live as they live, want what they want but fail to ask what do I want, what can I do, what do I have and what do I want. Your life is a blessing, you are someone’s miracle.

5. “Knowledge gained means nothing if it’s not passed unto others.”

When you share they knowledge you have, you gain more. But when you hoard knowledge, you know what you know for yourself. You are not been impacted and you’re not making impact. The key to learning is in sharing what you already have. Remember you don’t know much so you have to learn more.

6. “When you make true change, it won’t matter what others think of you.”

When it comes to change there is a greater force responsible that human understanding cannot comprehend when we make changes that are really true. You owe no one an explanation for such change when GOD is responsible. Don’t groan when that change does not favour you, inasmuch that it favours the person involved then it shouldn’t be your problem.

7. “When you value yourself, you become more of an asset than a liability and you become less an option. No one will ever take you for granted.”

People will value you based on the value you place on yourself. When you have low self esteem, you will always be of less or no value to people around you. You’ve got to affirm great thinga upon yourself everyday and you won’t be looking for compliments from others. We lose our minds when we want compliments from others at all cost. Let it be earned with so much of self respect attached to it.

8. “I’ve learnt to give, not because I have many but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing.” – Clara Odeke.

You can’t be a generous and cheerful giver if you’ve not experienced what it means to have nothing. I affirm to give as much as I can even beyond my ability. What about you?

9. “Behind every face are problems, troubles, pain, sorrow and suffering, that needs healing, the need your love, your touch and your heart. Don’t take them for granted. Treat them right.”

The hardest lesson I’ve learnt in a week. People all over the place rejected for their past, no one to help them get back up. None to help them believe that they can be more. It’s not our business, we say we are perfect while they plunge deeper in their pain. We all need each other, some are weak, some are strong and if you’re strong allow the weak to experience heaven with you.

10. “Heaven is not for the educated, intelligent and morally right (self righteous) people. Heaven is for forgiven people who got perfect through repentance.”

Someone said and I quote “Your generation would be worse and darkness would reign more than now.” I won’t say I refuse it going by what is happening in our world today. I hear people say “body no be wood”, “junior must wack”, and to the intelligentsia “I’m not perfect”. So should we continue in sin because we are imperfect. Hell No!!! And to those that fill they are perfect, they only boast in their strengths and not in His grace. By world’s standards we’re not perfect but there is an higher standard far above any other. That is God’s standard, by His standards we are perfect through Jesus Christ and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Us.God is working in us, for us, through us to bring His Kingdom on earth.

This is my ten! What is yours?


Bedtime is Over

So many times I’d grimed at what supposedly got me thinking: Every man has a time to live and die, whether scared of the inevitable or not, mission accomplished or not, whether young or old. Remember death is unpredictable and living each day is a great miracle. What is life to you? Are you sitting at a particular level of comfort and think you’ve arrived yet? Kindly ask yourself this questions and humbly answer them. Are you still sleeping? When will you awake from your slumber? Wake Up My Friend! I say Arise!! There is no other time than now except if you want to miss out from this journey called life. Reawaken your hope, rewire your dreams and set forth towards the right direction. Don’t retire to failure and say you can’t, No!!! You Can. As a person the way you take life and your thoughts would determine how you’ll arrive at your destination and remember a lot of people wished they saw this day but never did. Some made wrong choices and hasty decisions, that’s why they still remain in the same place. If you’ve fallen and still have the breath of life running through you then it’s never too late, move towards that opened door of opportunity.

In the world today so many have fallen and never got back up to reposition themselves for greater success. Some have not started or done anything yet, they’ve never touched a heart; they didn’t even strive to live their lives for others rather they ended up with frustration and strife. Some can’t even get their troubled self to rest because they always complain and blame others for their inability to succeed. There is always a sleep for rest and one bore out of laziness which helps us to procrastinate for as long as we could. You must stop sleeping as you will miss the flight and begin to realize your dreams, the dream should be where a man’s heart is and he must dare to pursue that dream.

Arise! Step out of that comfort zone and set your feet for success, risk all you have even your own life. There is more to life than what you think, if you fail to take risks then you’re defying your existence because that is what you were created to do. You live to risk dying and not to stay below the box. Remember you’ll only die once. In this part of the world we are known to starting late, that’s enough reason why we have over-aged footballers. You can deceive every other person but you can’t deceive your body because it goes weak as you grow old. Start off early even if it is from the sidelines and spare yourself all the old fairy tales. No one wants to hear your problems; they want to see how you’ll get through it. You’re placed in the middle of that problem or situation not to groan, complain and blame but to bring about a solution.

From this day I challenge you your success does not depend on the kind of home you’ve lived all your life, it’s about you and you truly can make a difference. Stop underestimating your potential; the event of your past does not reduce your potential. Forget what people think or have said about you, you’re your best motivator. Stop looking down, look up and begin to seek for the little areas of your life you can make a difference so also the lives of those around you. Rejection is only redirection, as often as you get them ensure they make you stronger. You can only get to where you’ve always hoped to be by moving and not by looking. No matter the challenges make sure you keep moving. Whatever that enemy is, don’t succumb to it. You’ve got more power than it: Procrastination, those bad habits, take action today so you can rise to a point of eminence. Take the Lots off your life and stand tall. It’s your choice now to be in pursuit of your dreams or continue to peruse over it. Stay awake to achieve it or keep sleeping, lastly win or lose. Remember no dream can be achieved through romance alone, you have to love that dream and ensure that it is achieved. It’s up to you to make the right choice.


1. Become a Better You by Joel Osteen