“The definition of success–To laugh much; to win respect of intelligent persons and the affections of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give one’s self; to leave the world a little better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition.; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm, and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived–this is to have succeeded.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success is not determined by your background, your childhood, your environment and it does not favor a particular DNA makeup. It does not depend on what you do not have but what you have. You can only offer what you have, you cannot go beyond that but you can stretch your thoughts to an extent that it gets you going and off the ground. Success answers to a particular thought system in which you create on your mind. It’s the state that gives you the required energy needed to push on even in the midst of the storm. In everyone lies the potential to succeed no matter how often we have failed. Winston Churchill defined success as going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Every step to success is filled with a predicament to failure but it depends on how you view both personally. It is either you see failure as a stepping stone to success or failing indeed. Most people do not believe that they can do great things, they just aim for mediocrity. They do all they do because everyone else is doing it.

Remember Thomas Edison, does it ring a bell. If you have not known him yet, I will put it in these simple terms. He invented the light bulb but before he did he failed on so many experiments before the breakthrough. You can only be successful if you experiment often, it does not matter how much time you need to do that. What about Steve Jobs, he did not drop out of school only but he dropped in to a course that set the path for the beautiful fonts we see on our computers today. Abraham Lincoln failed so many times before he became the President of the United States of America. Ask any man that has attained real success they will tell you they really had so many shoddy ride with failure before having a great ride to success. One singular thing distinguished them, they never failed to try.

Success like Wisdom is always available but you choose to answer that call. A lot of people believe that failure is an indicator that you will not succeed but that is not true as you can learn from them and move on. It is even more possible to fail when you take on bigger chances though it sets you on the pace for greater success. It is quite disheartening to see a lot of people go on a suicidal mission because they have been portrayed as failures either through self – judgement or the judgement of others. You cannot live an unhappy life and expect success. Success is a product of happiness. Been cheerful is all about perspective and it will not matter if you are a success or a failure. You choose what you become, how you become what you want to become and you determine why you should become what you want to become. So success comes from the way you act. The way you act comes from the way you feel and think. Therefore to succeed you must first change something within yourself.

In Africa especially my country Nigeria, our view of success needs to be redefined. It is causing a great effect on this present generation. It is more like go to College, study any course, get a degree and pronto you can work in a bank. The fact that money is being counted in the banks does not mean there will be excess money to spend around. More so there are few banks even if more were created it is never enough to meet the large population of youths who vehemently see their future there. There is ample pressure on young people in this country that if you do not go to College, you can never be successful. This has led to the rising population of young people writing University Entry Examination every year with fewer facilities available to accommodate the growing population. So many youths see success as a mirage and as a bid to make quick money. Meanwhile there are still much more young people that are frustrated and depressed. Though there are no excuses for such feelings but that is the price paid for ignorance. We can give the world a challenge, we can bring home anything we want but it must be something positive and different from what it used to be. Our beloved country is in dire need of great thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, which could be you. Do not let the situation around sink you into the deep waters instead we should rise up to this challenge. The World Awaits Us.

Every step of failure leaves you with a lesson to succeed. It does not matter how often you have failed but how well you are willing to learn, correct your mistakes and try again. Success is an on-going path, a journey and not a destination.  When you succeed in anything there is always a craving to achieve something greater. Each day presents us with great opportunities. There are always new things we can do, new methods of doing what we know how to do best and keep moving. Success principally depends on the laws of change. Change keeps you aware that you need to succeed even in the midst of failure. Gain knowledge, take action and do not stop trying. Success is in you! It is time to let it out.

It is my utmost desire that youths in my beloved country will discover their potentials, be courageous and confident enough to take that path to greatness.



There was one wonderful thing about the birth of Christ that seems to fascinate me. It was the visit of the Magi, the wise men from the east. It was not the gifts they brought but the star in which they saw in the east and took the journey to worship Him who was born to save the world. Herod the King of Judea at that time saw that as a great opposition. He wanted to stop this star from shining which was born the King of the Jews. What really makes this star exceptional as there are many stars in the sky? It was actually leading them to where Christ was as it went ahead of them until it stopped over the place He was laid.

What does this mean to us?

It means a lot to us because we are all stars that can shine. Have you ever taken a moment to look up to the sky every night? Do you notice that the stars don’t struggle with each other to shine, none is greedy of the other and none is hindering the shine of another? We can all shine if we don’t let the darkness around us drown out our light. The obstacle to Christ’s shining was Herod (the enemy) who was doing all he can to ruin the life of Jesus. As a star no matter how bright you are shining you will face various oppositions but you have to be prepared to face each of them. The opposition is what will prevent you from not achieving your purpose and vision for your life.

Do You Have a Picture?

What kind of picture are you creating for yourself? Is it bright or dim, do you see possibilities or impossibilities? Do you see yourself succeeding or failing? We will experience this in every journey of our lives. There would be times when we will be faced with certain challenges that can take us off the edge but we have been given that grace to start all over. It’s not about what has happened but how we are willing to let go and try again. You are a star, awesome, beautiful, handsome and wonderful. Nothing will happen if you do not give it the permission to. Whether good or bad remember your choices was one of those things that got you where you are today. Your star is not yet to come, it is in you and you have the opportunity to make it shine. Always stay focused on what is right about you and not what is wrong, be aware of your weaknesses but do not let them be your point of reference. A work is never complete without taking the necessary steps to make exploits.

What Next?

Do not be distracted by others because they will always stop you from shining. It’s either something is impossible or cannot be done because you are the first to do it. Think out of the box. Do not allow the voices of other people drown your inner voice. They all have something they want you to become but they deal is between you and God to fulfill his purpose for your life. Your happiness should not come from the approval and admiration of other people. You cannot shine alone but surround yourself with people that will be ready to tell you the truth when you are straying away. You must make sure the help you to keep shining. Be aware, be sound, be happy, and be at peace with yourself. Create networks, create alliances, create a hold and create your own world.

And then……

Be more logical than sentimental; do not judge blindly by feelings and appearance on the other hand you will be judged mostly by actions and not intentions.

Define Who You Are

Who are you? An awesome star shone from the east that men will discover and want to come to your place of honor. Be all you want to be, be yourself do not pretend. Be “you”nique, be your own brand and do not compare yourself to anyone. They are their star let them handle it, make good use of yours. Be creative and innovative in every approach but be strategic with the moves you make. Be open to make mistakes, make adjustments then make your way back to conquer. Learn to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Improve and Improve…….

Continue to improve, keep going, be on the lookout for what to start, what to stop and what to keep doing for we are nothing but what we repeatedly do.

By the nature of the star imparted on us by our Creator we have been given an opportunity to be exceptional and live a life filled with purpose.

Where is your star taking you? Where can we find you?

Leadership Secrets



Let’s get this out of the way right up front: There is no such thing as “leadership secrets.” Leadership, real leadership anyway, has no secrets left. Virtually everything there is to say and know about leadership has been said or taught.

There are lots of “leadership fads” but they tend to come and go. I receive offers in my email everyday day for a free webinar or seminar to learn the newest “leadership tricks” and methods.

It’s all garbage!

Leadership is about people, not things. You can manage your cash flow, you can manage your inventory and you can manage your systems and process. But you cannot manage people. People don’t need a manager, they need a leader.

Some people in leadership positions resist this concept and attempt to manage their people. In these situations both the “leader” and follower become frustrated and that frustration manifests itself with underperformance. From…

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The Gifts of Seven Extraordinary days of Grace by Caroline Myss

May 2012 Salon
The Gift of Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace
Part #1

Once a year Caroline offers her monthly Salon as a gift to the entire Myss subscriber list.
This Salon contains part #1 of a two part series.  We hope you enjoy!

Have a wonderful day

Team Myss

Grace comes in many expressions. It intervenes in raging arguments, calming your anger so that you do not say what you can never take back. Grace whispers thoughts of hope in desperate times, giving you the stamina to hold on through the storms of life. And grace delivers inspiration, awakening creative resources deep within your being. The power of grace is endless, silent, and powerful.

A rare and rich but much too brief discussion of the activity of grace given in a graduate school lecture was brought to mind the other day while I was watching a program about the devotion the great opera star, Rene Fleming, has for assisting up-and-coming opera singers. It’s so amazing, really, how and when these flashbacks arise. You have no idea they remain hidden in the vast archive of memories that you are carrying around in your brain, like the words of all the songs from the 60’s that just pop into your head the moment you hear the melody.

First, I’ll share the long ago memory of this graduate class. I was in a class on mystical theology and while we were discussing something or other, the professor noted that one mystical phenomenon is that each person is given the gift of seven extraordinary days of grace each year. The grace given on these days is of the quality that it organizes the events of that day to transform your life – that is, redirect your life – in a most significant way. The rest of the class, as you can well imagine, was immediately devoted to the details of identifying that grace and the content of these extraordinary days. (I’ll get to that later – don’t worry.)

Anyway, I could not turn off this program about Rene Fleming, which actually intrigued me as I am not really an opera fan, but I have seen Fleming perform in person, thanks to my dear opera fan friend, Andrew Harvey. And she is beyond magnificent. During the program, you saw Fleming giving hands-on instruction to four lucky opera students, instructing them on how to advance their voices. She offered them the most interesting techniques that would assist them in perfecting a single note, a precise tone. Their devotion to the art of opera and to the art of their voice was stunning.

Later, Fleming was casually walking through the opera house with her four students when she said, “Remember, you have seven extraordinary days a year. You can’t waste them. You must be on alert for them.” As soon as I heard her say that, the memory of that day in graduate school flooded into my mind. How in the world did she know that? Why did she say that? Did she mean the same thing as my professor? And why don’t I have Rene Fleming’s phone number???

Immediately I dusted off my memory. What were the details of that lecture? I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, leaned back on the couch, and drifted back through the decades of my life to graduate school. I waited,waited,ah, yes. I remember,.

Your Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace

Let’s start with the obvious first question: Why seven? Perhaps it’s because there are seven days of the week, or seven days of creation, or seven chakras, or the scale of life is numbered at seven. Seven is a mystical number that notes a resonance to your soul. Let us, therefore, assume – though we have no proof as such – that this might be the reason and leave it at that. When it comes to mystical theology, we operate on observation, subjective experience, and the nature of law and order as revealed in the order of nature itself. A scale of “seven” is a repeated scale throughout mystical systems of order; therefore, it may well be that this scale functions within this phenomenon.  (That was your first lesson in mystical theology.)

Next, in order to understand the nature and content of these seven extraordinary days of grace, you have to be very clear about what they are not. So, grace is not – repeat – it is not an obvious force. Grace is a silent breeze that enters into your essence, often to protect you from doing harm to yourself. Grace does not protect you from the consequences of your negative or foolish choices; rather, it seeks to prevent you from making those choices in the first place.

Now, let’s think about an ordinary year of life, beginning from January to December. During that year, you will plan or attend a handful of special occasions or trips that rate as extraordinary. Among these are: weddings, vacations, parties, dates with someone special, surprise events, holiday gatherings, birthday parties, spa trips, etc. What these have in common are the following:

·         You know about them ahead of time;

·         You will have expectations of how the event will play out;

·         You will either exaggerate the good time you intend to have or the bad;

·         In either case, your expectations will be disappointed;

·         The event will not go as expected in some way.

·         For all the above reasons, these days do not qualify as one of your Seven Days of Extraordinary Grace because you are fully convinced you are in charge of the event or you are directly influencing the psychic field with your attitude. In other words, you are exerting too much control toward wanting a certain outcome.

·         Finally, days burdened with expectations translate to you having to get what you want, the way you want it. From another perspective, these are days that reveal a sense of loss of control and personal insecurities.

The Nature and Character of Extraordinary Grace

Yet another mystical theological teaching is discernment: to look through the eyes of your soul into a situation in order to see and understand the significance of what is unfolding in front of your eyes. Discernment is unlike judging a situation, which tends to be an immediate and reactive response. A discerning response is one that requires reflective thought. With this teaching in mind, we now proceed into the deeper waters of discerning the nature of extraordinary days of grace.

You have no authority over your seven days of extraordinary grace; that is, you cannot decide when these shall be given to you. They come as they come. They are considered “gifts of the spirit,” bestowed upon you at a particularly advantageous time in your life – the operative word being advantageous. Now, how would you define advantageous? If I had you in a classroom at this moment, I would stop the lecture and ask all participants to answer that question in their notebook as I have little doubt that none of you has ever asked yourself this question. What do you consider a spiritually advantageous moment? Are you even prepared to give an answer to that question? Or should I begin with this question: Do you even understand the significance of that question?

This is the type of question that is introduced in a class on mystical theology. Inevitably the discussion that it opens up is intriguing, to say the least. A spiritually advantageous moment is one in which the “agents of change” in your life come together in such a way that only one spark is required to set them off. You may have several change agents at work in your life, none of which has the potency to motivate you to a next step. One more is required. Perhaps all that is needed is one more conversation, or a delayed flight that would allow you to make one more phone call to exactly the right person, or running into an old friend who happens to be the link to exactly the person you need to meet. You are not able to calculate when you have amassed a sufficient number of change agents in your psyche. You are able to discern, however, that an event or opportunity carrying an extraordinary potential of power has just been introduced into your life. As a result of making that phone call or running into that old friend, something new was provided to you. Maybe it was a suggestion, maybe it was positive feedback, or maybe it was a new contact. But you are left feeling renewed, as if you’ve just been rebooted in your own skin. One spark of grace lighted at the perfect advantageous moment is all it takes and life feels good again. Your life feels good again.

Let us examine the characteristics of a day of extraordinary grace:

·         An opportunity that requires a spontaneous response comes along. The ingredient of spontaneity is required, lest you begin to project fear and failure into the opportunity, thereby self-sabotaging the potential to redirect your life. While other opportunities come and go, one surrounded with extraordinary grace fills your solar plexus and not just your mind, making your “head swim” with greed and ambition. Grace goes to your gut, right into your sense of who you are and what you should do. It symbolically “grabs” hold of your identity.

·         Another expression of an extraordinary day of grace can come through finding out that plans you had set in motion months or even years ago, which you had given up as failed, have been resurrected. The time wasn’t right and all of a sudden, the time is right. A day of grace is the day everything “fell into place.”

·         Yet another expression of a day of grace occurs when you encounter a past love – only now both of you are available to be together. A day of grace is the day when life begins again.

·         A day of grace delivers an unexpected path of healing, which could be in the form of a renewed inner resilience or hope, or meeting a person who knows exactly how to understand and treat your condition. A day of grace is day when the tide turns in your favor.

·         Another expression of grace is endless delays, confusion, and chaos shattering all of your plans. You can only give up and survive the day, bit-by-bit, going wherever the road leads you. A day of grace is when all the wrong things deliver you to exactly the right place.

·         Yet another expression of grace is the day you discover that somehow a great mistake was righted through something else that you did. Perhaps it was something conscious or maybe not, but on a day of extraordinary grace, the forces work in your favor and a mistake is made right. A day of grace is when the rules are somehow bent in your favor, just once.

·         Another day of grace is when your life is saved, perhaps from a car accident or something exploding in your face or a random street incident. A day of grace is when your life is shielded from physical harm, knowingly or unknowingly.

As you can tell, you cannot coordinate these days. You cannot make them happen. They happen because of other circumstances you have set into motion. In other words, your extraordinary days of grace come into your life because of choices that you have made that have created gaps and needs – open spaces – that require filling.

Your challenge is to realize that you are experiencing a day of extraordinary grace and to appreciate the meaning, power, and significance of that day. Further, it is vitally important to act on opportunities offered to you on that day. Suggestions for your new business venture, for example, that came from a synchronistic meeting between you and another person should be followed up on. Merely telling friends about this incredible synchronistic conversation you had with someone is a waste of an extraordinary day of grace, to be direct. It’s up to you to follow through, to take action, to make things happen for yourself.

Remember, grace does not do work for you. It will not “heal” you if you are not doing your part in your own healing. Grace will not interfere with the law of cause and effect; that is, for every choice we make, there is an effect or a consequence. If we make a foolish or stupid choice, we pay a price by having to deal with the consequence of our choices. Grace does not compensate or erase our stupid or foolish choices, any more than prayer does. In order to appreciate the nature and power of grace, and the gift of an extraordinary day of grace, you have to grasp how the power of grace manifests in your life and how it does not. Grace is not a “fix-it” force. It is an inspirational, mystical power that awakens you from within.

As I thought about this subject, I queried a few friends on this question: Would you want to be in charge of determining when you received your seven days of extraordinary grace each year? We had such a fun discussion. One friend said, “I’m very frugal. I would hold on to them.”

Another friend determined that she would be very nervous about having that type of “wealth in a safe in her own home.” What a great analogy, I thought, yes? She was exactly right, as seven days of grace is exactly like having gold in a safe at home and you left to determine when and how to spend it. A third person said he would absolutely use all seven days in one month. He would “go for the gold” in one blast.

I asked each person, “Would you be more inclined to use a day of grace in the midst of a crisis or when you are calm and undistracted?” Would you see your days of grace as financial crisis solvers or a day of soulful renewal? Which is of more value to you?

Those questions ended up leading into one more fascinating area of discussion after another. It seemed like this subject opened a vast discussion. For that reason, I am carrying it over to the June Salon, which will be Part II on this topic. In the June Salon, I will explore those questions along with:

·         A discussion of grace and prayer.

·         What would most people do: take charge of their seven days or let heaven determine when they receive the gift of a day of grace?

·         Merging the Seven Days of Grace with Your Seven Chakras, just for discussion

·         Could each day contain this grace?

Let me encourage you to think about the days of this year – just this year – that have been game changers for you. They have contained certain ingredients that have motivated you to move ahead, to make positive changes, to do something you’ve been postponing, but on that day, you acted. See if you can identify the presence of grace in your life that day:

·         What was it about that day that made it different?

·         Do you remember how you felt that day?

·         What types of choices did you make that day that you would call “out of character?”

·         What results have occurred in your life as a result of those choices, and would you consider these results as special or surprising?

·         Have there been any changes in your life that qualify as “beyond your expectations” as a result of acting on a grace that you identified?

I’ll close this Salon by asking you to reflect on whether you would want to be in charge of when to receive your Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace, or whether you would leave the wisdom of that decision to the heavens. We’ll continue with this discussion in the June Salon.

Meanwhile, Happy Summer,



One Dream Too Many

ImageIt is great to have dreams but it takes consistency, preparation and assiduous planning to make these dreams come through. We all have dreams if not, then why do we hope for a better future. The fact is we all believe in this reality but how many are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come through. It will always remain a dream if you keep sleeping on it except you take the relevant actions. You can dream of owning a mansion but you can’t wake up from your nap and then see yourself in the mansion. You have to put in the right resources to make your dream real and that is when you begin the building process. There are always available resources for every dream, there is also a price tag and a time frame. Many just feel that dreams would come through by magic not by action. As a life without a dream is useless so is a dream without the needed action is wasteful.

To live on purpose you need to know why you exist, and then use your mind to think of the dreams that has been placed in your heart. Be prepared, take action and be unique as you step out to achieve your dreams.



Your turn now!!!

What are the dreams you will like to achieve?



John-Anthony Oyewobi is a youth advocate for change, founder and President Youths for Change Nigeria a Non-governmental organization that aims to help youths make a difference in their communities through creative thinking and bringing forth great innovations. To build the next generation of inventors and innovators, and also to bring forth the next generation of great leaders.


In this part of the world we are always made to believe that we are too young to start something, do something and make certain decisions. Growing up was quite interesting and can’t stop thinking how people’s decisions  shaped me but the pains where more than the gains. Pursuing their dreams for me, what they wanted me to become as I grew progressively but my small mentality didn’t help too so it was all my fault.

At 16, I went to seek for a job at a clothing shop but I only spent a week in the job because to some I was in the wrong place and I thought I had no power to challenge the status quo. Am not giving the same recipe to the younger folks because what is right for me might be wrong for you and there is something for sure and it’s beyond this statement “No one is too young to make a difference nor is anyone too old.” You don’t seek for differences, you strive to make a difference but you must be ready to GoMAD (Go Make A Difference). Note that life is a serious business and it will give you what you gave into it.

You need to discover your purpose because it is the only security to your stardom. Start off early folks because you were created to make a difference.

How to Make a Difference

You should never be afraid of thinking about situations you want to change for the better or a problem you can solve. Learn to grow knowing what you were created to become. And here are ways you can make a difference as a young person hoping to start off early.

1. Define Yourself

Answer all the questions about you: Who am I? What am I living for? What am I created to do? What if nothing existed what would I do? What have I achieved so far? What can I achieve? What can I do to make a difference. All through my teenage age I always wanted to challenge the status quo, wanted to do things not because it had not been done before but because someone has challenged me to, as its often seen as an impossibility.

2. Focus

I think as a young person I’d lost focus due to non-acceptance to my cause, making half-baked decisions and listening to too many voices that only lead me down the road than up. It was a great lesson though and today I tend to mind my own business, when people make suggestions with respect my cause I just separate the weed from the vine and take the vine with me. So if you’ve got a dream or vision you need to accomplish all you need to do is stay focused. Care little about being accepted or not as I said earlier pretend as though nothing existed. Don’t let non-acceptance pull you down rather strive to win them over, if you can’t win their acceptance keep doing the best you can. Make decisions that are worth your time and energy, don’t make the ones that will keep you going in circles.

3. Be Ready

Plan on how you want to achieve what you’re about to start. Create the strategy needed to make you effective before you begin the pursuit.

4. Be in Pursuit

“If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl. Whichever  way make sure you keep moving.” It must not be an enormous task, set little tasks and take them one step at a time. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if nobody in this world need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

5. Study More

Its not all about academic books or business books alone, you’ll need to study biographies about people that moved the world by challenging the status quo and also keep tabs on articles online by subscribing to blogs like Under30CEO, Quicksprout, Naijapreneur and some other interesting blogs.

Along your way you will be a great inspiration to many even the older folks who think they are too old to do something. They’ll want to follow your progress and you’ll also empower young people like you to do something and stop whining. The world needs people like you to solve problems.

Your Turn

What other ways do you think you can make a difference?

John-Anthony Oyewobi is the president of Youths for Change (Y4C) Nigeria and he’s also  a budding consultant whose hope is to change the way people do business by revolutionizing the business environment. He’s currently doing his internship programme with National Metallurgica Development Center, Jos Nigeria.

Bedtime is Over

So many times I’d grimed at what supposedly got me thinking: Every man has a time to live and die, whether scared of the inevitable or not, mission accomplished or not, whether young or old. Remember death is unpredictable and living each day is a great miracle. What is life to you? Are you sitting at a particular level of comfort and think you’ve arrived yet? Kindly ask yourself this questions and humbly answer them. Are you still sleeping? When will you awake from your slumber? Wake Up My Friend! I say Arise!! There is no other time than now except if you want to miss out from this journey called life. Reawaken your hope, rewire your dreams and set forth towards the right direction. Don’t retire to failure and say you can’t, No!!! You Can. As a person the way you take life and your thoughts would determine how you’ll arrive at your destination and remember a lot of people wished they saw this day but never did. Some made wrong choices and hasty decisions, that’s why they still remain in the same place. If you’ve fallen and still have the breath of life running through you then it’s never too late, move towards that opened door of opportunity.

In the world today so many have fallen and never got back up to reposition themselves for greater success. Some have not started or done anything yet, they’ve never touched a heart; they didn’t even strive to live their lives for others rather they ended up with frustration and strife. Some can’t even get their troubled self to rest because they always complain and blame others for their inability to succeed. There is always a sleep for rest and one bore out of laziness which helps us to procrastinate for as long as we could. You must stop sleeping as you will miss the flight and begin to realize your dreams, the dream should be where a man’s heart is and he must dare to pursue that dream.

Arise! Step out of that comfort zone and set your feet for success, risk all you have even your own life. There is more to life than what you think, if you fail to take risks then you’re defying your existence because that is what you were created to do. You live to risk dying and not to stay below the box. Remember you’ll only die once. In this part of the world we are known to starting late, that’s enough reason why we have over-aged footballers. You can deceive every other person but you can’t deceive your body because it goes weak as you grow old. Start off early even if it is from the sidelines and spare yourself all the old fairy tales. No one wants to hear your problems; they want to see how you’ll get through it. You’re placed in the middle of that problem or situation not to groan, complain and blame but to bring about a solution.

From this day I challenge you your success does not depend on the kind of home you’ve lived all your life, it’s about you and you truly can make a difference. Stop underestimating your potential; the event of your past does not reduce your potential. Forget what people think or have said about you, you’re your best motivator. Stop looking down, look up and begin to seek for the little areas of your life you can make a difference so also the lives of those around you. Rejection is only redirection, as often as you get them ensure they make you stronger. You can only get to where you’ve always hoped to be by moving and not by looking. No matter the challenges make sure you keep moving. Whatever that enemy is, don’t succumb to it. You’ve got more power than it: Procrastination, those bad habits, take action today so you can rise to a point of eminence. Take the Lots off your life and stand tall. It’s your choice now to be in pursuit of your dreams or continue to peruse over it. Stay awake to achieve it or keep sleeping, lastly win or lose. Remember no dream can be achieved through romance alone, you have to love that dream and ensure that it is achieved. It’s up to you to make the right choice.


1. Become a Better You by Joel Osteen

Think Opportunities!

On Opportunity is defined as a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.   It is also known good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success. Have you ever imagined the way the world will look like if we are all able to unlock opportunities wherever you find yourself. Looking at Nigeria opportunities abound , so when you try to give excuses for losing an opportunity failing to understand that you can find another. Our immediate environment, the place we live thus presents us with a lot of opportunities only if you begin to get some clarity using the intuitive power of the brain – our thoughts.

Nigeria is richly blessed with great natural and human resources, we always wonder why we still remain at the bottom. There are vast opportunities in virtually every field of endeavor but we often look at some with pride that we often say we don’t belong there. For us to build a great system that would be an example to many we must begin to see our problems from within and see them as an opportunity to seek for solutions from within not from without.

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking. If you unleash your thoughts you can empower your future by beginning to think like a king. You have to seize that opportunity and stop giving excuses because of one door just got shot on you. Be part of that mental game because there are opportunities everywhere.

Remember, it is not every opportunity that leads to success but you have to keep seeking for the right one. For every great rise you need to pay a great price. So go ahead keep thinking about the next opportunity!

“It is not every change that leads to improvement but you need change to improve.”



1. Opportunity:

2. Velocity by Smith Bam

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“Change is a bitter pill, sometimes it heals, sometimes it sets the pace for healing and sometimes it doesn’t but leaves us with a lesson.”

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