Why You Shouldn’t Join AIESEC

aieseccccccccccI joined AIESEC in May this year regardless of what I heard about this organization. Through the years I’ve tried to develop myself, it was a great process really learnt some hard and soft skills and what it’ll take to become a leader but I also need to learn to work in a team. So I took that bold step and some may ask why did it took this long. People that want to remain in the same place will only tell you the negatives about something while they contribute less. I saw jobs came to me through AIESECers and it still does then I made a bold step to join myself. However, if you know the good stuff about something you experienced you must as well know the bad stuff about it. So here are 5 reasons why you shouldn’t join AIESEC:

Early into real work.

You are still a student, one or two years in the university, or you maybe just joined it, and you find yourself already working for some organization, having a full time job, contacting enterprises and meeting CEOs, organizing professional events, managing people, leading a team through a certain period, being part of a team, doing plans and backup plans, thinking about how to use your resources in a perfect way. You will become a professional since a young age while you’re still in college.

Your CV will be hard to write.

Usually, normal CVs don’t take more than two minutes to write and prepare, yours will take at least hours. After joining AIESEC, with all the experience you have, the skills you developed and the things you’ve done, you wouldn’t be able to make them fit on a 2 page CV. It will be so hard for you to list them all on a single CV, it is a hard task come on.

You’ll lose all prejudges you have.

You have prejudged a certain race, certain country or certain region? In AIESEC, you will lose them all. You will meet a lot of new people from different countries, different races and different regions in national or international conferences. You will visit a lot of new countries and get to know their true culture. You will have friends there, and by that you will lose everything bad you have in mind about them because you will know them for what they truly are. You will finally figure out that you were wrong and end up changing your mind about the world.

Your contact list will be too damn long.

Networking is one of the most important things in AIESEC. You will have a huge network of professionals you worked with on events, you will have a network of friends you met on conferences and people you engaged by AIESEC activities. So you will have a lot of visit cards and you will a hard time organizing your contact list and that will drive you crazy.

You will grow mature and join a cause.

You are still young; you want to have fun, party and live your life to the fullest. You can’t believe that you will be wearing a suit and tie and going to important meetings. You are still young for big causes and that complicated stuff. In AIESEC, you will learn the value of volunteering, you’ll be part of a non for profit organization and will work for free, you will start believing in a certain cause, defending it and actually fighting for it. You will try to change the world and achieve peace.

The thing about AIESEC is that once you join it you go to a completely new level. You change your mindset, you will join a professional world, you will experience leadership in every action you make, and you will become an entrepreneur and have the chance to develop yourself in a Global Learning Environment.
You will change lives, impact society, help people, join a cause, develop skills, become a Leader, get to be an entrepreneur, become better and seek the best for the world, for your country, for people around you and for yourself. You will become a Change Agent.

So what is your excuse not to join this magnificent world?

What’s your excuse not to join AIESEC?

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There was one wonderful thing about the birth of Christ that seems to fascinate me. It was the visit of the Magi, the wise men from the east. It was not the gifts they brought but the star in which they saw in the east and took the journey to worship Him who was born to save the world. Herod the King of Judea at that time saw that as a great opposition. He wanted to stop this star from shining which was born the King of the Jews. What really makes this star exceptional as there are many stars in the sky? It was actually leading them to where Christ was as it went ahead of them until it stopped over the place He was laid.

What does this mean to us?

It means a lot to us because we are all stars that can shine. Have you ever taken a moment to look up to the sky every night? Do you notice that the stars don’t struggle with each other to shine, none is greedy of the other and none is hindering the shine of another? We can all shine if we don’t let the darkness around us drown out our light. The obstacle to Christ’s shining was Herod (the enemy) who was doing all he can to ruin the life of Jesus. As a star no matter how bright you are shining you will face various oppositions but you have to be prepared to face each of them. The opposition is what will prevent you from not achieving your purpose and vision for your life.

Do You Have a Picture?

What kind of picture are you creating for yourself? Is it bright or dim, do you see possibilities or impossibilities? Do you see yourself succeeding or failing? We will experience this in every journey of our lives. There would be times when we will be faced with certain challenges that can take us off the edge but we have been given that grace to start all over. It’s not about what has happened but how we are willing to let go and try again. You are a star, awesome, beautiful, handsome and wonderful. Nothing will happen if you do not give it the permission to. Whether good or bad remember your choices was one of those things that got you where you are today. Your star is not yet to come, it is in you and you have the opportunity to make it shine. Always stay focused on what is right about you and not what is wrong, be aware of your weaknesses but do not let them be your point of reference. A work is never complete without taking the necessary steps to make exploits.

What Next?

Do not be distracted by others because they will always stop you from shining. It’s either something is impossible or cannot be done because you are the first to do it. Think out of the box. Do not allow the voices of other people drown your inner voice. They all have something they want you to become but they deal is between you and God to fulfill his purpose for your life. Your happiness should not come from the approval and admiration of other people. You cannot shine alone but surround yourself with people that will be ready to tell you the truth when you are straying away. You must make sure the help you to keep shining. Be aware, be sound, be happy, and be at peace with yourself. Create networks, create alliances, create a hold and create your own world.

And then……

Be more logical than sentimental; do not judge blindly by feelings and appearance on the other hand you will be judged mostly by actions and not intentions.

Define Who You Are

Who are you? An awesome star shone from the east that men will discover and want to come to your place of honor. Be all you want to be, be yourself do not pretend. Be “you”nique, be your own brand and do not compare yourself to anyone. They are their star let them handle it, make good use of yours. Be creative and innovative in every approach but be strategic with the moves you make. Be open to make mistakes, make adjustments then make your way back to conquer. Learn to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Improve and Improve…….

Continue to improve, keep going, be on the lookout for what to start, what to stop and what to keep doing for we are nothing but what we repeatedly do.

By the nature of the star imparted on us by our Creator we have been given an opportunity to be exceptional and live a life filled with purpose.

Where is your star taking you? Where can we find you?

One Dream Too Many

ImageIt is great to have dreams but it takes consistency, preparation and assiduous planning to make these dreams come through. We all have dreams if not, then why do we hope for a better future. The fact is we all believe in this reality but how many are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come through. It will always remain a dream if you keep sleeping on it except you take the relevant actions. You can dream of owning a mansion but you can’t wake up from your nap and then see yourself in the mansion. You have to put in the right resources to make your dream real and that is when you begin the building process. There are always available resources for every dream, there is also a price tag and a time frame. Many just feel that dreams would come through by magic not by action. As a life without a dream is useless so is a dream without the needed action is wasteful.

To live on purpose you need to know why you exist, and then use your mind to think of the dreams that has been placed in your heart. Be prepared, take action and be unique as you step out to achieve your dreams.



Your turn now!!!

What are the dreams you will like to achieve?



John-Anthony Oyewobi is a youth advocate for change, founder and President Youths for Change Nigeria a Non-governmental organization that aims to help youths make a difference in their communities through creative thinking and bringing forth great innovations. To build the next generation of inventors and innovators, and also to bring forth the next generation of great leaders.


In this part of the world we are always made to believe that we are too young to start something, do something and make certain decisions. Growing up was quite interesting and can’t stop thinking how people’s decisions  shaped me but the pains where more than the gains. Pursuing their dreams for me, what they wanted me to become as I grew progressively but my small mentality didn’t help too so it was all my fault.

At 16, I went to seek for a job at a clothing shop but I only spent a week in the job because to some I was in the wrong place and I thought I had no power to challenge the status quo. Am not giving the same recipe to the younger folks because what is right for me might be wrong for you and there is something for sure and it’s beyond this statement “No one is too young to make a difference nor is anyone too old.” You don’t seek for differences, you strive to make a difference but you must be ready to GoMAD (Go Make A Difference). Note that life is a serious business and it will give you what you gave into it.

You need to discover your purpose because it is the only security to your stardom. Start off early folks because you were created to make a difference.

How to Make a Difference

You should never be afraid of thinking about situations you want to change for the better or a problem you can solve. Learn to grow knowing what you were created to become. And here are ways you can make a difference as a young person hoping to start off early.

1. Define Yourself

Answer all the questions about you: Who am I? What am I living for? What am I created to do? What if nothing existed what would I do? What have I achieved so far? What can I achieve? What can I do to make a difference. All through my teenage age I always wanted to challenge the status quo, wanted to do things not because it had not been done before but because someone has challenged me to, as its often seen as an impossibility.

2. Focus

I think as a young person I’d lost focus due to non-acceptance to my cause, making half-baked decisions and listening to too many voices that only lead me down the road than up. It was a great lesson though and today I tend to mind my own business, when people make suggestions with respect my cause I just separate the weed from the vine and take the vine with me. So if you’ve got a dream or vision you need to accomplish all you need to do is stay focused. Care little about being accepted or not as I said earlier pretend as though nothing existed. Don’t let non-acceptance pull you down rather strive to win them over, if you can’t win their acceptance keep doing the best you can. Make decisions that are worth your time and energy, don’t make the ones that will keep you going in circles.

3. Be Ready

Plan on how you want to achieve what you’re about to start. Create the strategy needed to make you effective before you begin the pursuit.

4. Be in Pursuit

“If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl. Whichever  way make sure you keep moving.” It must not be an enormous task, set little tasks and take them one step at a time. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if nobody in this world need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

5. Study More

Its not all about academic books or business books alone, you’ll need to study biographies about people that moved the world by challenging the status quo and also keep tabs on articles online by subscribing to blogs like Under30CEO, Quicksprout, Naijapreneur and some other interesting blogs.

Along your way you will be a great inspiration to many even the older folks who think they are too old to do something. They’ll want to follow your progress and you’ll also empower young people like you to do something and stop whining. The world needs people like you to solve problems.

Your Turn

What other ways do you think you can make a difference?

John-Anthony Oyewobi is the president of Youths for Change (Y4C) Nigeria and he’s also  a budding consultant whose hope is to change the way people do business by revolutionizing the business environment. He’s currently doing his internship programme with National Metallurgica Development Center, Jos Nigeria.

Bedtime is Over

So many times I’d grimed at what supposedly got me thinking: Every man has a time to live and die, whether scared of the inevitable or not, mission accomplished or not, whether young or old. Remember death is unpredictable and living each day is a great miracle. What is life to you? Are you sitting at a particular level of comfort and think you’ve arrived yet? Kindly ask yourself this questions and humbly answer them. Are you still sleeping? When will you awake from your slumber? Wake Up My Friend! I say Arise!! There is no other time than now except if you want to miss out from this journey called life. Reawaken your hope, rewire your dreams and set forth towards the right direction. Don’t retire to failure and say you can’t, No!!! You Can. As a person the way you take life and your thoughts would determine how you’ll arrive at your destination and remember a lot of people wished they saw this day but never did. Some made wrong choices and hasty decisions, that’s why they still remain in the same place. If you’ve fallen and still have the breath of life running through you then it’s never too late, move towards that opened door of opportunity.

In the world today so many have fallen and never got back up to reposition themselves for greater success. Some have not started or done anything yet, they’ve never touched a heart; they didn’t even strive to live their lives for others rather they ended up with frustration and strife. Some can’t even get their troubled self to rest because they always complain and blame others for their inability to succeed. There is always a sleep for rest and one bore out of laziness which helps us to procrastinate for as long as we could. You must stop sleeping as you will miss the flight and begin to realize your dreams, the dream should be where a man’s heart is and he must dare to pursue that dream.

Arise! Step out of that comfort zone and set your feet for success, risk all you have even your own life. There is more to life than what you think, if you fail to take risks then you’re defying your existence because that is what you were created to do. You live to risk dying and not to stay below the box. Remember you’ll only die once. In this part of the world we are known to starting late, that’s enough reason why we have over-aged footballers. You can deceive every other person but you can’t deceive your body because it goes weak as you grow old. Start off early even if it is from the sidelines and spare yourself all the old fairy tales. No one wants to hear your problems; they want to see how you’ll get through it. You’re placed in the middle of that problem or situation not to groan, complain and blame but to bring about a solution.

From this day I challenge you your success does not depend on the kind of home you’ve lived all your life, it’s about you and you truly can make a difference. Stop underestimating your potential; the event of your past does not reduce your potential. Forget what people think or have said about you, you’re your best motivator. Stop looking down, look up and begin to seek for the little areas of your life you can make a difference so also the lives of those around you. Rejection is only redirection, as often as you get them ensure they make you stronger. You can only get to where you’ve always hoped to be by moving and not by looking. No matter the challenges make sure you keep moving. Whatever that enemy is, don’t succumb to it. You’ve got more power than it: Procrastination, those bad habits, take action today so you can rise to a point of eminence. Take the Lots off your life and stand tall. It’s your choice now to be in pursuit of your dreams or continue to peruse over it. Stay awake to achieve it or keep sleeping, lastly win or lose. Remember no dream can be achieved through romance alone, you have to love that dream and ensure that it is achieved. It’s up to you to make the right choice.


1. Become a Better You by Joel Osteen

Think Opportunities!

On dictionary.com Opportunity is defined as a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.   It is also known good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success. Have you ever imagined the way the world will look like if we are all able to unlock opportunities wherever you find yourself. Looking at Nigeria opportunities abound , so when you try to give excuses for losing an opportunity failing to understand that you can find another. Our immediate environment, the place we live thus presents us with a lot of opportunities only if you begin to get some clarity using the intuitive power of the brain – our thoughts.

Nigeria is richly blessed with great natural and human resources, we always wonder why we still remain at the bottom. There are vast opportunities in virtually every field of endeavor but we often look at some with pride that we often say we don’t belong there. For us to build a great system that would be an example to many we must begin to see our problems from within and see them as an opportunity to seek for solutions from within not from without.

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking. If you unleash your thoughts you can empower your future by beginning to think like a king. You have to seize that opportunity and stop giving excuses because of one door just got shot on you. Be part of that mental game because there are opportunities everywhere.

Remember, it is not every opportunity that leads to success but you have to keep seeking for the right one. For every great rise you need to pay a great price. So go ahead keep thinking about the next opportunity!

“It is not every change that leads to improvement but you need change to improve.”



1. Opportunity: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/opportunity

2. Velocity by Smith Bam