Was thinking how some things in the world could change if we stop living in error and live our lives to the fullest potential. One of such attributes that is missing in our world today is love.

In love we find our true purpose and love gives us the passion and desire to love others irrespective of their shortcomings. Love is admitting that we will still give people our best even when they fail us. Love is showing kindness to people you feel don’t deserve your help. Love protects the rights of the people. Love helps people understand who they are better. Love heals a broken heart. Love makes everything perfect. Love gives and never stop giving.

Question is:

Are you loving enough to be around with?

Think about this.


What I have Learnt


Wow! Sequel to my birthday I was doing a series on #WhatIhaveLearnt with some inputs from friends. And I will still be sharing most of them with us and what I really learnt from each of them:

1. “What I do with my life is mostly my responsibility than that of others”

I’ve seen people blame the system, their parents, their friends and even their enemies for not succeeding so they hardly want to say they are responsible for something that happens to them. Someone must be at fault for their problems and not them. I was once there but I’d chosen to rise above them. No excuses! If something went wrong than I thought that means I was actually wrong from the beginning so why blame anybody for my wrongs. It’s your fault you’re where you are so rise above it, take responsibility for your life and future.

2. “SWAG means Something We All Got: Potential”

and it is what will pay when everything you’d worked for failed to work out. When all the certifications you’ve got matters less and what is within you begins to manifest. Your potential is something that no amount of money is enough to buy what you’ve got inside you.

3. “To do more is to have done little.”

Always surprised how people want things to happen in a flash without going through the right processes, they are not giving enough, they are not saving enough and yet they want things that are even bigger than them. Having big dreams won’t pay only if you go through the right processes by starting with little.

4. “You’re absolutely unique, you can’t be wearing someone else clothes on your potential.”

A lot of us are living other people’s lives and not making use of our own potentials. We want to go where they go, do what they do, have what they have, live as they live, want what they want but fail to ask what do I want, what can I do, what do I have and what do I want. Your life is a blessing, you are someone’s miracle.

5. “Knowledge gained means nothing if it’s not passed unto others.”

When you share they knowledge you have, you gain more. But when you hoard knowledge, you know what you know for yourself. You are not been impacted and you’re not making impact. The key to learning is in sharing what you already have. Remember you don’t know much so you have to learn more.

6. “When you make true change, it won’t matter what others think of you.”

When it comes to change there is a greater force responsible that human understanding cannot comprehend when we make changes that are really true. You owe no one an explanation for such change when GOD is responsible. Don’t groan when that change does not favour you, inasmuch that it favours the person involved then it shouldn’t be your problem.

7. “When you value yourself, you become more of an asset than a liability and you become less an option. No one will ever take you for granted.”

People will value you based on the value you place on yourself. When you have low self esteem, you will always be of less or no value to people around you. You’ve got to affirm great thinga upon yourself everyday and you won’t be looking for compliments from others. We lose our minds when we want compliments from others at all cost. Let it be earned with so much of self respect attached to it.

8. “I’ve learnt to give, not because I have many but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing.” – Clara Odeke.

You can’t be a generous and cheerful giver if you’ve not experienced what it means to have nothing. I affirm to give as much as I can even beyond my ability. What about you?

9. “Behind every face are problems, troubles, pain, sorrow and suffering, that needs healing, the need your love, your touch and your heart. Don’t take them for granted. Treat them right.”

The hardest lesson I’ve learnt in a week. People all over the place rejected for their past, no one to help them get back up. None to help them believe that they can be more. It’s not our business, we say we are perfect while they plunge deeper in their pain. We all need each other, some are weak, some are strong and if you’re strong allow the weak to experience heaven with you.

10. “Heaven is not for the educated, intelligent and morally right (self righteous) people. Heaven is for forgiven people who got perfect through repentance.”

Someone said and I quote “Your generation would be worse and darkness would reign more than now.” I won’t say I refuse it going by what is happening in our world today. I hear people say “body no be wood”, “junior must wack”, and to the intelligentsia “I’m not perfect”. So should we continue in sin because we are imperfect. Hell No!!! And to those that fill they are perfect, they only boast in their strengths and not in His grace. By world’s standards we’re not perfect but there is an higher standard far above any other. That is God’s standard, by His standards we are perfect through Jesus Christ and the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in Us.God is working in us, for us, through us to bring His Kingdom on earth.

This is my ten! What is yours?

How Playing It Safe Can Ruin Your Life by Gary Korisko

ImageImageHave you ever missed out on a great opportunity because you played it safe?

Think about it. Look back over your life and think about the things you could have done. The opportunities you could have taken, the people you could have befriended, the experiences you could have savoured.

But back then those things seemed scary and risky. Wanting to play it safe, you elected to stay in your comfort zone at the time.

From where you sit now, you can easily and clearly see that you should have acted upon some of those things. In retrospect, those things were scary or risky at all – just different and new. They were, in all actuality, blessings that you walked away from.

It’s a sobering and outright sad feeling, isn’t it?


Playing It Safe Isn’t About Safety At All

You’re not the only one who has done that. Most of us have a tendency to play it safe.

Some of us equate playing it safe with being sensible and prudent. But most of the time, it’s something else all together.

The real problem isn’t safety or risk at all. The real problem is fear.

As humans, we are hard-wired to allow fear into our decision making. Most of us simply don’t understand fear, where it comes from, or the role it plays in what we choose to do or not do.

By understanding it more, you can prevent fear from clouding your decision-making process.

It’s Not Brain Surgery

What if I were to tell you that there was a little tiny part of your brain that pre-wires you to avoid risk and play it safe? Well, there actually is.

It’s called the amygdala and it plays a big part in what motivates us to behave the way we do. One of the functions of the amygdala is processing emotions – particularly those associated with survival. Like the emotion of fear for instance.

When you are in a familiar situation that you know to be safe, your amygdala is happy and secure – and so are you. But when something new or seemingly risky comes along, the amygdala kicks into high gear. It lets you know, “Hey, we’re outside our comfort zone here. Retreat! Withdrawal!”

Sometimes that reaction can save your life. Other times it can hold you back from a more fulfilling life.

The trick is learning to know the difference between valid fears of very real danger to our safety – and invalid fears of something new.

Mauled or Embarrassed – The Choice Is Yours

There are basically two types of decisions we make when we perceive danger or consequences. The first type, I call safe decisions – which are survival based. They keep us alive and assure we have adequate food and shelter. The second type I refer to as fearful decisions – which tend to keep us from taking less life-threatening risks and prevent us from spreading our wings.

Let’s take a look at some examples of both.

Safe or Feaurful

Safe decisions come from a very real fear of severe consequences to your health, life, or quality of life – while fearful decisions come from someplace completely different.

Look at that right hand column. If any one of those scenarios goes as badly as it’s capable of going, what happens? Does anyone die, go to prison, or lose their shelter? No. As it turns out the things we fear most seem to be much more about our feelings than they are about very serious consequences.

“I am an old man and have known a great many troubles, but most of them have never happened.” – Mark Twain

Our Five Most Common Baseless Fears

In my professional life, I’ve noticed time and time again that there are five major feelings-based fears that people let trip them up on their path to a better life. You’ll notice that they’re all very closely related.

1: Fear of failure

Have you ever passed on an opportunity to try something truly exciting because you were afraid you might fail at it? I have. The ironic thing is the fact that if you don’t try, you’ve already failed. So there’s really not much to lose. And yet we talk ourselves into believing that by not risking failure we’re somehow better off.

2: Fear of rejection

If you pitched your idea to the boss, or asked out that cute girl you like, or submitted your novel to a publisher, you might get rejected – and rejection hurts. So instead of feeling that emotion, we limit our potential and call it “playing it safe.”

3: Fear of inadequacy

This one usually manifests itself as, “I’m not good enough to do this thing I really want to do.” While this fear doesn’t necessarily originate from survival instinct, it’s no less powerful than any of the others.

4: Fear of unworthiness

Closely related to the fear of inadequacy, the self-talk associated with the fear of unworthiness sounds like, “Who am I to think that I might achieve that thing?” It comes from a place of humility, which normally is a good thing. But it’s also self-deprecating and destructive.

5: Fear of further commitment

This one should sound familiar, because we’re all guilty of it from time to time. We don’t always pass on opportunity because we’re afraid that we’re not good enough. Sometimes we know darn well that we’re good enough, but the ramifications of succeeding and the additional commitment needed after success is achieved scare the bejesus out of us.

Fighting Emotion With Logic

So now that you know that these fears are normal and that you’re not the only one who struggles with them, the question becomes: What can you do to get over them?

I find that instead of fighting raw innate human fears head-to-head, it’s best to use logic to take their power away.

When you find yourself letting any of those fears stop you from bettering yourself, run yourself through these three questions:

1: What is the worst thing that could happen if I ignored my fear and did this?

Take out a pen and paper and list all the potential (realistic) consequences. Would there be a loss of life, health, or livelihood? Or is the real risk just having to temporarily deal with an uncomfortable emotion like rejection or embarrassment?

2: What is the absolute best thing that could happen if I ignored my fear and went for it?

List all these, too. How might your life be different? What things might you learn? Who might you have the opportunity to connect with?

3: Are the possible consequences under #1 worth the potential benefits under #2?

Take a good look at both lists and give this question some thought. If the consequence of a particular action is death and the upside is a 10% pay raise – then your choice is simple. Avoid death.

But if the consequence of your action is rejection and the potential benefit is your dream career, swallow your fear and go for it.

Logic Tames The Beast

I know this seems incredibly simple – and it is. It’s simple and obvious because we just took an emotional issue and made it logical.

When you take the emotional power away from your fear and look at the situation as data – good decisions become much easier.

Do me a favor. The next time you find yourself “playing it safe”, run yourself through this quick exercise. Reduce the emotional to the logical. Then come back and let us know how things turned out.

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A life filled with riches without using what we’ve acquired to change our world. A life where we are so comfortable that we do not care what the neighbor next door is going through. A life where we have all we want but there are still a lot more people that need our help.

Our impact should be felt, what we want should be the good of others too as we also want for ourselves. The world would be a better place if we learn to treat others as we will love to treat ourselves. They will be grateful you did.

What are you doing to put a smile on someone’s face each day?


Last year I had the privilege of receiving Caroline Myss’ first part of The Gift Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace on my mail and it really touched my heart that I had to share. I thought I’ve shared the concluding part but I kind of miscalculated my posts. I really want you to read the first part and here is the link:


The response to the May Salon introducing the subject of, The Gift of Seven Extraordinary Days of Grace, has been wonderful. It’s obvious that the subject of grace remains as intriguing now as it was two thousand years ago when the graces were first named and identified. It’s so fascinating that as a result of a leap in humankind’s spiritual evolution brought about by the advent of the great Divine beings of Jesus and Buddha (a bit earlier), and others not quite of their caliber, emphasis was turned to the exploration of the power of the individual in relationship to the Divine. As the Jude o-Christian tradition began to take shape, the spiritual powers of the merger of these two traditions likewise formed.

Not that you need a sort of “religion” class, but I think this information is essential and I present it not – repeat not – from the “religion” perspective but rather from the historic. In order to delve into the subject of grace, we must look to the history of grace. The teacher and great cosmic being, Jesus, modeled the fully-evolved human soul. He could heal and perform miracles, he had mastery over physical matter including death and disease, he could speak to anyone, he had the gift of prophecy, he felt energy flow through him that was meant to heal people – he was, in other words, fully present in his physical form while having a fully cosmic soul.

Realize that Jesus’ message was, “These and other things can you do.” He did not position himself as a Divine being, much less as the initiator of all the trappings that have come after him. His role, I believe, was to model the highest potential of the human soul. I will never believe he came here to found countless churches, but to inspire people to understand the spiritual purpose – and therefore spiritual power – present within the human experience. (Note: the only way people through the centuries could explain his “power” was to deify it.)

Jesus left a legacy of phenomena behind him. He baffled people, astounded them, and inspired them. He also left those early Christians in a state of awe as they continued to witness healing and miracles in a way that we will rarely if ever see. It’s not that such healing are impossible. It’s just that we do not relate to either the “spirit” or to the power of grace in the same divinely organic way that characterized people so long ago. Let’s say, before we became so “enlightened or rational,” miracles, healing, and the mystical nature of life were far more accessible. People did not demand that proof be provided before faith; rather, faith came before proof.

Stories of early Christians seem to reveal that people eagerly embraced the gifts of healing, prophecy, knowledge (or revelation), piety (profound faith), counsel (extraordinary intuitive abilities), wisdom (decision-making abilities/leadership), discernment (clear judgment), mercy, and the more mysterious “speaking in tongues.” But as the church developed into a more political and controlling organization (which did not take long), managing these precious gifts became an issue. I mean, how could everyone just qualify for “gifts” – just like that? Impossible.

Arrogance took precedence over humbleness and the rest, as they say, is indeed history. It’s no wonder then that today we live in a society that needs grace defined again and again – and yet, again. What is it? How does it work? But how do I know when grace has come into my life? What do I do to make grace come into my life? Do I need special prayers?

Let me make this easy on you. You are already accustomed to thinking in the language of “energy.” You are comfortable saying, “I’m exhausted. I have absolutely no energy.” Or, “That person drains all the energy from me.” Or, “When I walk in the mornings, I have energy all day long.” I don’t have to define “energy” for you at all, and yet, what if someone had no idea what you were talking about. What would you tell them? You can’t see, touch, taste, smell, or hear the “energy” to which you are referring. Yet, you know when you are energized and when you are not. You know when something, someone, something you’re thinking, something you’ve said or done either energizes you or drains all the energy from your system.

Just this morning, for example, I had to send the last section of my book to my editor. I completed it last week before I went off to a workshop and thought I had sent it to my editor before I left, only to receive this email from her while I was at the airport waiting for my flight: “C – did you send that file? I didn’t get it. M”

Panic set in within a nanosecond. Where did that file go? Did I send it to someone else? Did I delete it? I had absolutely no way of finding out until I returned from this workshop, which would not be for two days. Energy rushed out of me faster than a tsunami. My stomach turned over, my hands started to shake, and of course, my constant companion – the stress headache – showed up right on time. Ugh.

Now, undoubtedly all of you can relate to this in your own way. Let me introduce another perspective. Instead of calling energy “energy,” let’s imagine that you’ve had a mystical experience – just like that – out of the blue. Let’s imagine that in the midst of your panic attack, a deep quietude came over you that you did not generate. It came out of nowhere. Suddenly your panic ceased. Gone. Your thoughts turn inward, tumbling effortlessly into what can only be described as “effortless bliss.” This effortless bliss is not a “state of consciousness” that exists in some new portal in your mind that your stress led you to in response to an inner 911 call. Effortless bliss is a sensation of floating, of feeling transcendent of not only your body but of your immediate problems which seem to disintegrate, if not disappear entirely. You feel as if you are breathing cosmic oxygen not of this earth that is recharging you all the way down to the atoms in your cell tissue.

In this rarefied soul air, you glimpse the refined truth that “energy” is the word we use for “grace,” prior to realizing the constant presence of the Sacred in our lives. Were we to grasp the true nature of life and the constant Divine impulse of creation that is God, we would recognize that what we refer to as “energy” is actually the manifestation of “working grace” expressing itself through ordinary life. But that realization changes everything for you because you then have to acknowledge that you are in constant contact with grace through every breath you take, in every activity of your life, and in every one of your daily encounters with people. You are never outside the field of “working grace.” It’s impossible, just as it’s impossible to exist outside the field of energy.

It can be overwhelming to reside in a state of consciousness in which you try to relate to the world as a theater of grace. You would have to adjust your sites to include within your view all the contradictions, injustices, and evil that exists in the world as these, too, are part of this field of grace. Grace does not make evil evaporate or injustice go away. It does not make your physical body impervious to illness. Grace does not and will never have the power to make life what life can never be, which is perfect. Rather, the role of grace is to expand your awareness of why life is as it is. Instead of suffering because you want life to be other than the way it is, you may experience a moment one day – perhaps one of your seven days – in which you are given great capacity to accept something you never thought you could accept in order that you can move on with your life.

The role of grace is to continually ignite our restlessness so that we never cease asking, “Why? What? and How?”


We learn from studying great spiritual teachers that this is an orderly universe, not a random one. And we are a part of this orderly universe. Your soul is a high-functioning cosmic piece of equipment that becomes more extraordinary the more you absorb yourself into its nature. Your soul cannot be managed by your ego. I learned with great appreciation that the soul is “entered into” through prayer. It is that part of you which is transcendent of your five senses, craves detachment from ordinary life, and constantly feeds you images that keep you curious about your own life and why you were given the gift of this life.

The chakra system is how the Eastern traditions represent the presence of the spirit/soul in the body. I call it the spirit/soul because the chakras are really more representative of the “sacred energy” system of the body without the addition of the graces. That is, “sacred energy” is not rooted in the idea of a personal Divine Being with whom you develop an intimate, prayerful relationship. That is far more a Western idea. Yet, both traditions come together in the understanding that we resonate to a sphere of seven sacred stages of inner refinement, seven chakras, seven mansions in the castle (St. Teresa), seven sacraments, seven levels of the Tree of Life, and seven graces. And now we are adding the intriguing thought that each year, we are given the gift of seven extraordinary days of grace in which each one of the seven major graces is individually bestowed upon us when “heaven sees fit,” as the nuns used to say.

I’ve outlined the chakras in partnership with a particular grace, just to provide you with an image or an idea of how such a union might express itself. Mind you, there are as many examples as there are stars in the heavens, but I wanted to plant an image in your mind to make this real for you.


This is your physical life, which includes work, family, and the external world. This is the land of the unconscious, where you are prone to become an addict to time schedules, repeated activities, life pressures, and high stress. This is a world of pressure on your body and quite frankly, it’s where all life begins to break down. This is the first battlefield of life. If you were ever going to think, “My life is awful,” or “empty/boring/horrible/meaningless” or any other desperate description, this is the chakra-zone for it. This is the place for “hell on earth” and if ever you needed to become absorbed in the gift of being alive – just alive, without all the stuff attached to it – that is the essence of the grace of Reverence.

Prayer: “Just grant me the grace to feel grateful for my life and I’ll take it from there. Let me know you’re watching out for me.”


This area of your body covers a lot of ground: sexuality, finances, power in all relationships, birth, creativity, destruction, vengeance, violence. It’s a busy chakra. This is a power center that can make or break the quality of your life given the issues that resonate to this center, to say the least. The grace of Piety does not refer to holiness, which is the classic understanding, but rather to your capacity to see the Divine in other people. It’s a rigorous effort at times – and maybe most of the time if you have a challenging work situation. But the opposite will break you in two. Mercy is a “saving grace,” literally and symbolically. Mercy saves you from your own dark thoughts and from personal anger. You may not imagine that you are capable of having “mercy on yourself,” but people do not realize how abusive they are to themselves when they harbor hostile thoughts or heavy memories that they could release.

Prayer: “Grant me the grace to see the goodness in others before I harm myself and them with negative thoughts. Let me do no harm to any life.”


This is your ego center. Need I say more? If you are an “All about Me” person, then you know this is a hot spot for you. You can get yourself into trouble from being oversensitive or from feeling that you need to take care of everyone. This is also the place where we suffer the consequences of having low self-esteem, getting that knot in the stomach from nervous stress. This is the first place in the body that people generally lose their energy when things go wrong. First of all, the Grace of Understanding is not about being understood. It’s about being granted the capacity to “understand the greater sphere of truth” in a relationship or situation in which you find yourself. This is a magnificent grace. Imagine that you are in a situation in which you are endlessly worried about a relationship, thinking, “I must have done something,” or “How will I get by if this relationship doesn’t work out.” Then suddenly a soft calm comes over you, and you understand deeply, completely, that no matter what happens, you will be just fine. You don’t know how things will work out; you just know they will. That’s this grace in action.

Prayer: “Grant me the grace of Understanding in those times when I am gripped by chaos and cannot see the truth. Keep me from harming myself and others because I do not understand what is happening.”


Obviously this is the chakra that absorbs all the emotional content of your life. Make no mistake – that is an enormous amount of content. From love, hopes and dreams and wishes, to despair and depression and anger – all of it resonates in this center. Oh, and let us not forget all memories of past injuries and injustices that you have yet to forgive. I’ve asked so many people if they dwell in positive or negative emotions most often, and so many admit to dwelling in negative emotions such as regret or sadness, guilt or grief. This can be the most difficult of all of your chakra centers, without a doubt. The Grace of Fortitude rightly belongs in this chakra because it takes profound courage to make the right emotional choices, both for you and for others. There is no such thing as emotional choices that do not hurt someone. (Well, there are of course, but not the ones that bring necessary change.) The Grace of Fortitude is courage beyond the boundaries of the moment. This grace refers to being granted the courage to not only take action but to handle the consequences of your necessary actions, which is what people so fear. Healing emerges from the courageous heart, not from someone who is frightened.

Prayer: “Grant me the grace to make the choices essential to my integrity and my healing.”

FIFTH CHAKRA: THE THROAT CENTER – THE GRACE OF COUNSEL (and the more mysterious ‘speaking in tongues’)

This is your center of choice and all that choice implies. You would have to go into silence for a month to even begin to contemplate the enormity of this power. The number of choices we make per hour is unimaginable and each one has endless consequences. The Grace of Counsel is a prayerful request for Divine instruction. This is more than “guidance.” Counsel refers to intimate instruction in which you position yourself not to say no. This grace is also given to you on behalf of others, to counsel people when their lives are at a crossroads. Perhaps you have had the experience of suddenly knowing you must do something, no matter what. Or you must speak up about something, and along with that feeling comes a sense of urgency that is relentless. That is how this grace often expresses itself. It can be “relentless guidance.”

Prayer: “Grant me your Counsel when I am standing at the crossroads in my life. Push me to take the path I would otherwise not choose for lack of courage.”


Knowledge refers to a sudden knowing of something you had no previous knowledge of whatsoever. Teresa of Avila referred to this as, “Intellectual revelation,” a granting of truth or intuitive understanding, or a vision that you could not possibly generate through the talents or skills of the mind. Knowledge and Prophecy are two of the graces that can and have caused problems for people. They are extremely powerful, but in societies in which the rational approach to life rules, revelation is anything but popular. Historically, people – mainly mystics – with this gift have had to defend their “revealed writings” rigorously in order to prove that they were not fabricating their documents, or they were not insane, or they were not possessed. The graces of Knowledge and Prophecy are high risk, but they are profound graces that are very present in ordinary people who are guided through their intuitive gifts all the time. These are not graces to be feared, but rather to be used with great wisdom.

Prayer: “Grant me the capacity to hold in silence that which I see and understand until it is time to reveal it. Give me the strength to withstand the power of a single vision.”


If there was ever a time we needed Wisdom, it’s now. The spiritual life is full of distractions and chaos. It’s a simple path, actually, but it’s not an easy one. You are here to discern truth from fiction in your life and to follow truth. You are here to become fully mindful of the power of your choices because you are held accountable for your choices. With each choice you make, you either set a cycle of grace into motion or you withhold grace. It takes Wisdom to discern the right choice, but it also takes Fortitude, the courageous heart.

Prayer: “Grant me the Wisdom to think deeply about my choices, to not respond from anger, to think larger than my small self, and to include the other people in my decisions who will be affected by my choices.”


We can barely make it through a day without doing something we regret. I suspect if we could see things the way they really are, we would observe the nonphysical world intervening in our lives constantly, though in mysterious and curious ways. One day your life is saved from a colliding vehicle and the next day, you fall down the stairs and break your leg. There is no rhyme or reason to the ways of the heavens, at least not from where we stand. And there never will be. We can only look through the magnificent spiritual teachings of the masters and glean those insights that are consistent and universal, and patch together a cosmic quilt that makes sense to our soul.

We are meant to learn about the inner workings of our soul. That is a spiritual fact, not a religious one. We are governed by mystical laws that are consistent with the order of life and nature; again, not a religious fact but one that supports nature and life – and the Tao. And, by faith and observation, I believe that the graces are “bestowed” upon us in full measure at various times during the year. Perhaps it is less than twelve months, or more. I don’t know if heaven actually keeps a calendar. Maybe it’s more. But the cycle of seven is universal.

I believe we are meant to awaken to the graces that are resonating in our soul and so the power of those graces is allowed to do something magnificent in our lives seven times a year, once per grace. Further, I truly believe that once we know that grace, we can call it by name through prayer and it will pour forth endlessly.

To learn more about the Seven Graces and the Seven Shadow Passions, and how to work with the mystical laws, please check out my recent book, Defy Gravity.






“Purpose is the discovery of a reason for your existence and is defined as the original intent for the creation of a thing. Every human being was created for a specific purpose, and when that purpose is discovered, then a leader is born” – Dr Myles Munroe (The Spirit of Leadership)

Who are you? It’s a question that a lot of people fail to ask so they strive to become everyone else. What truly defines us? Our values, character and attitude are the qualities that distinguish us from each other and make us want to join a cause or start one. We are humans made in the image and likeness of our Creator with a flesh and with awesome supernatural tendencies through our Spirit. It leads us out of the natural to something more distinct and unseen that most of what we hope to receive is received by faith. We are being transformed in our minds by the renewal of our Spirit which always connects us to our Source – God. We are all the same being, unique with different gifts, talents, dreams and purpose. The primary purpose of God towards us is to manifest His glory here on earth, so when you choose to become someone else you waste what you have been created to become. Everyone has a purpose but you will have to do some work discovering that which you have been created to be.

Unfortunately a lot of people with tremendous gifts and resources have allowed other people to run their lives.  They tell you what to do with your lives and they become the primary reason for doing it. There is no room for mistake and they will want you to be perfect. You fail them then you are adjudged to have failed completely. You become frustrated, depressed and disconnected from what you truly want to become. The reason for doing anything should come from you, you must discover those reasons for yourself or else you will not be happy doing it. Let their voices be the last you will consider which is after making your decisions based on your gifts and calling in life. However, in life there is never a perfect path to success until you take the first steps in achieving your purpose. If you must choose that path you must ensure that it aligns with the purpose of God for your life to make whatever He has placed in your hands to manifest His glory.

The only thing that can keep us from becoming all we have been created to be is our heart that is why the Word of God asked us to guard our hearts for out of it comes the issues of life. The enemy is within you, in your heart that is where you win or lose any battle. Regardless of the fact that there is a lot of evil in the world today, you must guard your heart not to be like them but to be as God made you to be. The evil around makes you believe that you are worthless, valueless and hated. It makes you aware of the wrong things going on around you that if you cannot beat the world system, you will have to join them by becoming like them. It lies to you that you are a lesser being and nothing good can come out of you while you are much more. It tells you to give up even though you have been given the capacity to walk through the unending waves. It always gives you a bad meaning of life that we cannot enjoy life and keeps you poor minded. It often gives us a bad song when all we need is a whisper of good rhythms of life.

However, it is hard to see the goodness in the world because it seems evil has sabotaged the effort of that goodness, but goodness still strives. Evil is always perpetrated and it triumphs because we have failed to identify who we are. A corrupt self breeds a corrupt system.

Who are you? Are you that person that strives be different, conquer evil with generosity, love, gratitude, understanding and wisdom? Are you that person that seeks to see the good in others, appreciate them even when they are not at their best? Are you that person who seeks to be more , pursue what is right, possess the right character, attitude and value to build a good system within you and it will rub on everyone around you.

In you is a new dance, you could rock the world.

In you is a new book, it could become a bestseller.

In you is an invention, you could build an innovative system.

In you is a leader, you could bring awesome change to the world.

In you is a teacher, you could lead generations towards a path to greatness.

In you is a renowned speaker, you could inspire and motivate a new generation of leaders to begin to make a difference.

In you is a song, you could win a Grammy.

In you is a word that could change your world.

It would not matter whether you have the resources or not, what matters is that you have a dream that can transform the world. No matter your disability you can become great, what matters is that drive inside that will get you fired up. You can conquer and rise above circumstances surrounding you right now to become more. The odds might be against you but you have to play even and not sit around doing nothing. Keep dreaming, do what you really love doing, educate yourself and pursue a cause.

Why iExist

“I am fortunate to be alive today and I cannot live on earth forever, I will achieve my purpose no matter the circumstances that arise. I shall rise above it.”

existsMost unfortunate that in this part of the world where there is abject poverty and dwindling economic conditions, a lot of people still look up to government to change their fortunes. The people often forget that they are the government and they have the power to choose who represents them even when it’s tyrannical. I am not going to be talking about government as a place of power because that is not my reason for this note. The reason for this note is to help us exercise our powers as Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers and friends as citizens of our dear nation to take note of why we exist. A whole lot of us don’t really know why we exist and we easily become frustrated because we don’t know why we are here on earth. We are alive but literally dead inside. The real meaning of who we are and why we are here is absolutely missing. In the past centuries a lot of breakthroughs have been experienced which has shaped how we communicate and also changed the way people think. In the past century if you are building a train behind your house they will say you are weird but in recent times you could start a project in your backyard and if you are in a sane society people would see you as exercising your purpose, a lot more would think you are insane. What you think about is all you become? When all you do is worry about what is not working then you are doing yourself more harm than good. There was never a time when complaining solved a problem, it only made the problem even worse. Once you know why you exist even those circumstances around you would look more like a good experience than a bad one.

Let me put you through on my own list of why I exist:

  1. I exist to do the will of God in my life and be a blessing to as many as He leads me.
  2. I exist to take dominion upon the earth and to leave my world better than I met it.
  3. I exist to help people realize what their purpose is and get them to maximize their potentials.
  4. I exist to be a good son, good brother, good uncle and great father.

From my lists above four questions can be deduced from it:

  1. Why do I belong to this family?
  2. What does God want from me?
  3. What is my obligation to my community (people around me)?
  4. What is my true purpose?

When you are able to answer these questions and a lot more you will want to add to it, you’ll be able to know how your thoughts of your existence will begin to change everything around you. Why you exist is that purpose that has been placed in your heart. Purpose is what creates the passionate drive to be different and have a transformed mind, and that of everyone around you. When you discover why you exist, it ignites a conviction within you. This conviction generates a vision in your heart that stirs you up passionately. You will begin to think of meeting needs and would not worry if yours is not met. Been in that attitude means you believe you are accountable and responsible for your actions. If you are not honest, dishonest dealings would always come through your path but when you begin to grow in a positive light you need the right attitude to stay at it. Your attitude yesterday is what determines your quality today; it dictates your response in the present. Attitude creates your world and designs your destiny. It determines your success or failure in any venture in life. More opportunities have been lost, withheld, and forfeited because of attitude than from any other cause. Attitude is a more powerful distinction than beauty, power, title or social status. You can have all this but without a good attitude, you are just like trash in a garbage bin. Your attitude is more important than wealth – and it can keep you poor. It is what makes things possible or impossible depends on what kind of attitude you have. Everything around us is ruled by our attitude towards ourselves and the circumstances around us. Our decision today is what will affect tomorrow, when we are bad today and we want to keep at it one extra day so we become worse. But when we have an attitude that says it’s enough and I cannot let this steal my future. You are telling your body I have control over you, you become a new person who wants well for self and for everyone around you.

In the previous year I focused more on creating some awesome experiences from my circumstances this year, controlling my emotions and possessing a good attitude and they became a stepping stone for me. Last year I was angrier with the government on this side of greatness (the masses) and the government on that other side of intense corruption and lobbying. Every day we are all moving closer to that government on that other side of intense corruption and lobbying but what we are today would determine what we are becoming as we move up there. Our decisions today would affect our future and when we choose to make the wrong ones, fight the wrong battles and still have a very bad attitude we are placing the future of those coming after us at risk. What are your values as a person? Do you have integrity, can you be trusted? Are you honest and justified? Remember that our actions today would prove our worth, if we behaved properly, are polite and really nice to people that is what will count in today’s world. When I look around me all I see are people in need but just a few could be met, more people are needed in the field. Leave the comfort of your air-conditioned office, car and apartments and go out there and meet a need. The society needs you more. I am already on course for mine and I am meeting a need in society already through my Non – profit organization Youths for Change (Y4C), we are changing the world around us.

The future belongs to those who believe that they could change their lives by beginning to think positive, possess the right values and characters.

So why do you exist?


“The definition of success–To laugh much; to win respect of intelligent persons and the affections of children; to earn the approbation of honest critics and endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to give one’s self; to leave the world a little better, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition.; to have played and laughed with enthusiasm, and sung with exultation; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived–this is to have succeeded.”— Ralph Waldo Emerson

Success is not determined by your background, your childhood, your environment and it does not favor a particular DNA makeup. It does not depend on what you do not have but what you have. You can only offer what you have, you cannot go beyond that but you can stretch your thoughts to an extent that it gets you going and off the ground. Success answers to a particular thought system in which you create on your mind. It’s the state that gives you the required energy needed to push on even in the midst of the storm. In everyone lies the potential to succeed no matter how often we have failed. Winston Churchill defined success as going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm. Every step to success is filled with a predicament to failure but it depends on how you view both personally. It is either you see failure as a stepping stone to success or failing indeed. Most people do not believe that they can do great things, they just aim for mediocrity. They do all they do because everyone else is doing it.

Remember Thomas Edison, does it ring a bell. If you have not known him yet, I will put it in these simple terms. He invented the light bulb but before he did he failed on so many experiments before the breakthrough. You can only be successful if you experiment often, it does not matter how much time you need to do that. What about Steve Jobs, he did not drop out of school only but he dropped in to a course that set the path for the beautiful fonts we see on our computers today. Abraham Lincoln failed so many times before he became the President of the United States of America. Ask any man that has attained real success they will tell you they really had so many shoddy ride with failure before having a great ride to success. One singular thing distinguished them, they never failed to try.

Success like Wisdom is always available but you choose to answer that call. A lot of people believe that failure is an indicator that you will not succeed but that is not true as you can learn from them and move on. It is even more possible to fail when you take on bigger chances though it sets you on the pace for greater success. It is quite disheartening to see a lot of people go on a suicidal mission because they have been portrayed as failures either through self – judgement or the judgement of others. You cannot live an unhappy life and expect success. Success is a product of happiness. Been cheerful is all about perspective and it will not matter if you are a success or a failure. You choose what you become, how you become what you want to become and you determine why you should become what you want to become. So success comes from the way you act. The way you act comes from the way you feel and think. Therefore to succeed you must first change something within yourself.

In Africa especially my country Nigeria, our view of success needs to be redefined. It is causing a great effect on this present generation. It is more like go to College, study any course, get a degree and pronto you can work in a bank. The fact that money is being counted in the banks does not mean there will be excess money to spend around. More so there are few banks even if more were created it is never enough to meet the large population of youths who vehemently see their future there. There is ample pressure on young people in this country that if you do not go to College, you can never be successful. This has led to the rising population of young people writing University Entry Examination every year with fewer facilities available to accommodate the growing population. So many youths see success as a mirage and as a bid to make quick money. Meanwhile there are still much more young people that are frustrated and depressed. Though there are no excuses for such feelings but that is the price paid for ignorance. We can give the world a challenge, we can bring home anything we want but it must be something positive and different from what it used to be. Our beloved country is in dire need of great thinkers, entrepreneurs and innovators, which could be you. Do not let the situation around sink you into the deep waters instead we should rise up to this challenge. The World Awaits Us.

Every step of failure leaves you with a lesson to succeed. It does not matter how often you have failed but how well you are willing to learn, correct your mistakes and try again. Success is an on-going path, a journey and not a destination.  When you succeed in anything there is always a craving to achieve something greater. Each day presents us with great opportunities. There are always new things we can do, new methods of doing what we know how to do best and keep moving. Success principally depends on the laws of change. Change keeps you aware that you need to succeed even in the midst of failure. Gain knowledge, take action and do not stop trying. Success is in you! It is time to let it out.

It is my utmost desire that youths in my beloved country will discover their potentials, be courageous and confident enough to take that path to greatness.


There was one wonderful thing about the birth of Christ that seems to fascinate me. It was the visit of the Magi, the wise men from the east. It was not the gifts they brought but the star in which they saw in the east and took the journey to worship Him who was born to save the world. Herod the King of Judea at that time saw that as a great opposition. He wanted to stop this star from shining which was born the King of the Jews. What really makes this star exceptional as there are many stars in the sky? It was actually leading them to where Christ was as it went ahead of them until it stopped over the place He was laid.

What does this mean to us?

It means a lot to us because we are all stars that can shine. Have you ever taken a moment to look up to the sky every night? Do you notice that the stars don’t struggle with each other to shine, none is greedy of the other and none is hindering the shine of another? We can all shine if we don’t let the darkness around us drown out our light. The obstacle to Christ’s shining was Herod (the enemy) who was doing all he can to ruin the life of Jesus. As a star no matter how bright you are shining you will face various oppositions but you have to be prepared to face each of them. The opposition is what will prevent you from not achieving your purpose and vision for your life.

Do You Have a Picture?

What kind of picture are you creating for yourself? Is it bright or dim, do you see possibilities or impossibilities? Do you see yourself succeeding or failing? We will experience this in every journey of our lives. There would be times when we will be faced with certain challenges that can take us off the edge but we have been given that grace to start all over. It’s not about what has happened but how we are willing to let go and try again. You are a star, awesome, beautiful, handsome and wonderful. Nothing will happen if you do not give it the permission to. Whether good or bad remember your choices was one of those things that got you where you are today. Your star is not yet to come, it is in you and you have the opportunity to make it shine. Always stay focused on what is right about you and not what is wrong, be aware of your weaknesses but do not let them be your point of reference. A work is never complete without taking the necessary steps to make exploits.

What Next?

Do not be distracted by others because they will always stop you from shining. It’s either something is impossible or cannot be done because you are the first to do it. Think out of the box. Do not allow the voices of other people drown your inner voice. They all have something they want you to become but they deal is between you and God to fulfill his purpose for your life. Your happiness should not come from the approval and admiration of other people. You cannot shine alone but surround yourself with people that will be ready to tell you the truth when you are straying away. You must make sure the help you to keep shining. Be aware, be sound, be happy, and be at peace with yourself. Create networks, create alliances, create a hold and create your own world.

And then……

Be more logical than sentimental; do not judge blindly by feelings and appearance on the other hand you will be judged mostly by actions and not intentions.

Define Who You Are

Who are you? An awesome star shone from the east that men will discover and want to come to your place of honor. Be all you want to be, be yourself do not pretend. Be “you”nique, be your own brand and do not compare yourself to anyone. They are their star let them handle it, make good use of yours. Be creative and innovative in every approach but be strategic with the moves you make. Be open to make mistakes, make adjustments then make your way back to conquer. Learn to learn, unlearn and relearn.

Improve and Improve…….

Continue to improve, keep going, be on the lookout for what to start, what to stop and what to keep doing for we are nothing but what we repeatedly do.

By the nature of the star imparted on us by our Creator we have been given an opportunity to be exceptional and live a life filled with purpose.

Where is your star taking you? Where can we find you?

One Dream Too Many

ImageIt is great to have dreams but it takes consistency, preparation and assiduous planning to make these dreams come through. We all have dreams if not, then why do we hope for a better future. The fact is we all believe in this reality but how many are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come through. It will always remain a dream if you keep sleeping on it except you take the relevant actions. You can dream of owning a mansion but you can’t wake up from your nap and then see yourself in the mansion. You have to put in the right resources to make your dream real and that is when you begin the building process. There are always available resources for every dream, there is also a price tag and a time frame. Many just feel that dreams would come through by magic not by action. As a life without a dream is useless so is a dream without the needed action is wasteful.

To live on purpose you need to know why you exist, and then use your mind to think of the dreams that has been placed in your heart. Be prepared, take action and be unique as you step out to achieve your dreams.



Your turn now!!!

What are the dreams you will like to achieve?



John-Anthony Oyewobi is a youth advocate for change, founder and President Youths for Change Nigeria a Non-governmental organization that aims to help youths make a difference in their communities through creative thinking and bringing forth great innovations. To build the next generation of inventors and innovators, and also to bring forth the next generation of great leaders.