If I was the President

ImageDon’t know how best to put my title except this way as there are a lot of questions begging for answers from my fellow compatriots. And in most cases I think we are in the mess we are because we’ve always felt our hands are tied. Oftentimes I tend to blame the people including myself for the dwindling state of our economy and the failure we’ve experienced so far. We do not have any excuse for not succeeding as a nation we are just been ignorant of our capacity to become great. Still trying to connect the dots, I sincerely hold Nigeria at heart and I believe we are meant to be together to achieve great things. I am not like the soothsayers who believe Nigeria will be some failed state and disintegrate in a couple of years. We are what we believe, if they believe the wrong things about us then we should prove them wrong. It’s that simple but I think it gets simpler with the President. He calls the shots, he sits on a place of authority and he should not take any trash from anybody for whatever reason but he has to live up to it. No one deserves the right to tell the President what to do except his allies but that’s the wrong perception of leadership. Leadership is more of a responsibility than rights; it’s more of a sacrifice than its gains. Our President gained influence through his name and some who believe its divine providence but God has given us ample opportunity to be in a democracy that elects its leaders every four years. We all believe we have a solution to our problems, it starts with the polls and since we are here it’s still our doing so we have to grapple with the effects. Our President first of all was ordained by God to be an authority over us but how he chooses to exercise that authority it’s up to him. So my post is not to question the authority of our beloved President but to clearly accentuate the awesome lessons I have learnt about leadership from his leadership:

  1. Once lucky, but not always lucky. Leadership is not about our names no matter how good or ugly they sound. They may sound like bringing good luck and fortune to us, they may be filled with hope for a better future but everyone chooses to live up to the expectation of their names. Would never say that the President is not doing a great job but he must understand that another term is only deserved if he knows why he is President. He seems to be more distracted by the petty politics in his party mostly and needs to address the problem. We gave him the right to rule us and not his party, after all the cabal never wanted him to become Acting President and how come they are still the same people holding us back, making all the decisions and calling the shots. If I were the President I won’t take away the fact that I deserve another term constitutionally but I have to be tender in that respect. In this case Nigeria comes first before party politics because it’s a responsibility to over 160 million Nigerians and not some junk of people who feels they deserve the right to hold us ransom for their selfish reason. Once elected by the electorate leaders are no longer the product of the party, they become a product of the people they represent and a brand which all of us see through. Politics should be shunned for now since you deserve another term we will determine your fate. Tell the detractors to shut up and the loyalists to stop their babbling. Henceforth anyone talking about 2015 in the PDP should be charged for Treason.

  2. There is a need to let Nigerians understand that they are part of the process in our national development which means urgent attention need to be placed on youth development. The educational system must be fixed because it’s an awesome investment we must give to us now and those coming after us. Nelson Mandela said “Education is the bedrock of any nation.” We must all rise up to the challenge and make our institutions a marvel for nations. We must all take responsibility for Nigeria; no one is going to do it for us. No one will do it for us as the President and other principal officers cannot solve all of our problems but the platform has to be created. For instance youths in a community should be part of the development process in their communities that is if roads are been constructed through their communities they also participate in that construction process, let them know they deserve to also build their communities. If parents can boast to their children that they saw and fought the civil war then the youths should be able to boast to their children that we constructed this road, we built this school and we also made things possible. All this comes with a price; we must inculcate the attitude of service in our youths. Young people should join the law enforcement agencies; let them fight the forces keeping us aback. Every young person should be given an opportunity to participate in some Military enrollment and the exercise should become more flexible as it seems, it equips the nation and it tells them how important it is to render their services to society. In all everyone has a part to play in making Nigeria a great place. It does not require rocket science, it begins with us: me and you. Let’s create a Nigeria that is so amazing where dreams are achieved, where possibilities thrive.

  3. Terrorism: It has become a global phenomenon so it needs a global approach, people are dying every day, just a few days back I was hit by the news of over 40 students been killed in their schools, that’s so unfortunate but we need to fight the menace. The government cannot do it alone but our affirmation as a government and as a people ought to come with a lot of hope. We have persevered enough and these are really some trying times for our nation. Next year I hope to have the Independence Day celebration take place in the heart of Bornu or Yobe, that is how much hope I have that before 1st October 2014 everything will be under control. There is a need to address issues that give us a bad name as a nation as we seek to do the good and do the right things.

  4. Close the Ports: Since the ports are opened they have brought more rot to our system and it is a growing concern to a lot of innovative Nigerians. We import almost everything but the President want to ban the importation of cars, what about rice? We should not ignore the little things, Nigerians buy rice at an exorbitant price and the kind of rice that flood our markets are from Thailand, and every Nigerian must eat rice. What is the moral essence of this? If every Nigerian eats rice then importation of rice should be banned. Wouldn’t it be nice if Thailand starts exporting rice from Nigeria to their country? We need to understand the need to begin to produce everything we eat here because one of the most important things we need is food. It’s a bottom top strategy and so we need to get Nigerians to believe they could do something ordinary and make extraordinary impact. We have a resourceful population and all we need is to make great use of the resources we have for the common good. No nation becomes successful without outside help but it needs to fight for its soul first.

  5. Nigeria should become a place where discipline, righteousness and integrity are the blueprint.It’s not bad we’ve gotten ourselves here because it has afforded me the opportunity to learn what I could not learn, do what I could not do and make impact in meaningful areas. There is a need to clean up our system for better performance and greater effectiveness. Righteousness exalts a nation and we must learn and love to do right. People should be peaceful in their speeches and in their actions. People should not tell us Nigeria will burn if we do not vote for one man. At whose expense, no one can force us to cast our votes for whoever no matter their influence or interests. We will all give them a good fight because no one assumes the right to tell us about our future which to them it’s a terrible ending but we should all thrive to write our future on the streets of gold. To build those streets of gold it means we have to go through a refining process together.

What would you do if you were the President?


2 thoughts on “If I was the President

    • Honestly and it seems we are not ready for democracy. Was wondering if the president could just dare the terrorists and corrupt officials and say wherever you are we will get you. That sounds daring but if He matches it with action you could imagine what will happen.

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