Why iExist

“I am fortunate to be alive today and I cannot live on earth forever, I will achieve my purpose no matter the circumstances that arise. I shall rise above it.”

existsMost unfortunate that in this part of the world where there is abject poverty and dwindling economic conditions, a lot of people still look up to government to change their fortunes. The people often forget that they are the government and they have the power to choose who represents them even when it’s tyrannical. I am not going to be talking about government as a place of power because that is not my reason for this note. The reason for this note is to help us exercise our powers as Fathers, Mothers, Sisters, Brothers and friends as citizens of our dear nation to take note of why we exist. A whole lot of us don’t really know why we exist and we easily become frustrated because we don’t know why we are here on earth. We are alive but literally dead inside. The real meaning of who we are and why we are here is absolutely missing. In the past centuries a lot of breakthroughs have been experienced which has shaped how we communicate and also changed the way people think. In the past century if you are building a train behind your house they will say you are weird but in recent times you could start a project in your backyard and if you are in a sane society people would see you as exercising your purpose, a lot more would think you are insane. What you think about is all you become? When all you do is worry about what is not working then you are doing yourself more harm than good. There was never a time when complaining solved a problem, it only made the problem even worse. Once you know why you exist even those circumstances around you would look more like a good experience than a bad one.

Let me put you through on my own list of why I exist:

  1. I exist to do the will of God in my life and be a blessing to as many as He leads me.
  2. I exist to take dominion upon the earth and to leave my world better than I met it.
  3. I exist to help people realize what their purpose is and get them to maximize their potentials.
  4. I exist to be a good son, good brother, good uncle and great father.

From my lists above four questions can be deduced from it:

  1. Why do I belong to this family?
  2. What does God want from me?
  3. What is my obligation to my community (people around me)?
  4. What is my true purpose?

When you are able to answer these questions and a lot more you will want to add to it, you’ll be able to know how your thoughts of your existence will begin to change everything around you. Why you exist is that purpose that has been placed in your heart. Purpose is what creates the passionate drive to be different and have a transformed mind, and that of everyone around you. When you discover why you exist, it ignites a conviction within you. This conviction generates a vision in your heart that stirs you up passionately. You will begin to think of meeting needs and would not worry if yours is not met. Been in that attitude means you believe you are accountable and responsible for your actions. If you are not honest, dishonest dealings would always come through your path but when you begin to grow in a positive light you need the right attitude to stay at it. Your attitude yesterday is what determines your quality today; it dictates your response in the present. Attitude creates your world and designs your destiny. It determines your success or failure in any venture in life. More opportunities have been lost, withheld, and forfeited because of attitude than from any other cause. Attitude is a more powerful distinction than beauty, power, title or social status. You can have all this but without a good attitude, you are just like trash in a garbage bin. Your attitude is more important than wealth – and it can keep you poor. It is what makes things possible or impossible depends on what kind of attitude you have. Everything around us is ruled by our attitude towards ourselves and the circumstances around us. Our decision today is what will affect tomorrow, when we are bad today and we want to keep at it one extra day so we become worse. But when we have an attitude that says it’s enough and I cannot let this steal my future. You are telling your body I have control over you, you become a new person who wants well for self and for everyone around you.

In the previous year I focused more on creating some awesome experiences from my circumstances this year, controlling my emotions and possessing a good attitude and they became a stepping stone for me. Last year I was angrier with the government on this side of greatness (the masses) and the government on that other side of intense corruption and lobbying. Every day we are all moving closer to that government on that other side of intense corruption and lobbying but what we are today would determine what we are becoming as we move up there. Our decisions today would affect our future and when we choose to make the wrong ones, fight the wrong battles and still have a very bad attitude we are placing the future of those coming after us at risk. What are your values as a person? Do you have integrity, can you be trusted? Are you honest and justified? Remember that our actions today would prove our worth, if we behaved properly, are polite and really nice to people that is what will count in today’s world. When I look around me all I see are people in need but just a few could be met, more people are needed in the field. Leave the comfort of your air-conditioned office, car and apartments and go out there and meet a need. The society needs you more. I am already on course for mine and I am meeting a need in society already through my Non – profit organization Youths for Change (Y4C), we are changing the world around us.

The future belongs to those who believe that they could change their lives by beginning to think positive, possess the right values and characters.

So why do you exist?


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