One Dream Too Many

ImageIt is great to have dreams but it takes consistency, preparation and assiduous planning to make these dreams come through. We all have dreams if not, then why do we hope for a better future. The fact is we all believe in this reality but how many are willing to pay the price to make their dreams come through. It will always remain a dream if you keep sleeping on it except you take the relevant actions. You can dream of owning a mansion but you can’t wake up from your nap and then see yourself in the mansion. You have to put in the right resources to make your dream real and that is when you begin the building process. There are always available resources for every dream, there is also a price tag and a time frame. Many just feel that dreams would come through by magic not by action. As a life without a dream is useless so is a dream without the needed action is wasteful.

To live on purpose you need to know why you exist, and then use your mind to think of the dreams that has been placed in your heart. Be prepared, take action and be unique as you step out to achieve your dreams.



Your turn now!!!

What are the dreams you will like to achieve?



John-Anthony Oyewobi is a youth advocate for change, founder and President Youths for Change Nigeria a Non-governmental organization that aims to help youths make a difference in their communities through creative thinking and bringing forth great innovations. To build the next generation of inventors and innovators, and also to bring forth the next generation of great leaders.


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