In this part of the world we are always made to believe that we are too young to start something, do something and make certain decisions. Growing up was quite interesting and can’t stop thinking how people’s decisions  shaped me but the pains where more than the gains. Pursuing their dreams for me, what they wanted me to become as I grew progressively but my small mentality didn’t help too so it was all my fault.

At 16, I went to seek for a job at a clothing shop but I only spent a week in the job because to some I was in the wrong place and I thought I had no power to challenge the status quo. Am not giving the same recipe to the younger folks because what is right for me might be wrong for you and there is something for sure and it’s beyond this statement “No one is too young to make a difference nor is anyone too old.” You don’t seek for differences, you strive to make a difference but you must be ready to GoMAD (Go Make A Difference). Note that life is a serious business and it will give you what you gave into it.

You need to discover your purpose because it is the only security to your stardom. Start off early folks because you were created to make a difference.

How to Make a Difference

You should never be afraid of thinking about situations you want to change for the better or a problem you can solve. Learn to grow knowing what you were created to become. And here are ways you can make a difference as a young person hoping to start off early.

1. Define Yourself

Answer all the questions about you: Who am I? What am I living for? What am I created to do? What if nothing existed what would I do? What have I achieved so far? What can I achieve? What can I do to make a difference. All through my teenage age I always wanted to challenge the status quo, wanted to do things not because it had not been done before but because someone has challenged me to, as its often seen as an impossibility.

2. Focus

I think as a young person I’d lost focus due to non-acceptance to my cause, making half-baked decisions and listening to too many voices that only lead me down the road than up. It was a great lesson though and today I tend to mind my own business, when people make suggestions with respect my cause I just separate the weed from the vine and take the vine with me. So if you’ve got a dream or vision you need to accomplish all you need to do is stay focused. Care little about being accepted or not as I said earlier pretend as though nothing existed. Don’t let non-acceptance pull you down rather strive to win them over, if you can’t win their acceptance keep doing the best you can. Make decisions that are worth your time and energy, don’t make the ones that will keep you going in circles.

3. Be Ready

Plan on how you want to achieve what you’re about to start. Create the strategy needed to make you effective before you begin the pursuit.

4. Be in Pursuit

“If you can’t fly, run; if you can’t run, walk; if you can’t walk, crawl. Whichever  way make sure you keep moving.” It must not be an enormous task, set little tasks and take them one step at a time. Just imagine how wonderful it would be if nobody in this world need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

5. Study More

Its not all about academic books or business books alone, you’ll need to study biographies about people that moved the world by challenging the status quo and also keep tabs on articles online by subscribing to blogs like Under30CEO, Quicksprout, Naijapreneur and some other interesting blogs.

Along your way you will be a great inspiration to many even the older folks who think they are too old to do something. They’ll want to follow your progress and you’ll also empower young people like you to do something and stop whining. The world needs people like you to solve problems.

Your Turn

What other ways do you think you can make a difference?

John-Anthony Oyewobi is the president of Youths for Change (Y4C) Nigeria and he’s also  a budding consultant whose hope is to change the way people do business by revolutionizing the business environment. He’s currently doing his internship programme with National Metallurgica Development Center, Jos Nigeria.


9 thoughts on “Go MAD

  1. Well said! You’re such an inspiration to the world! You are a gifted child of God. Keep up the good work and more power!

  2. “Create the Strategy Needed To Make You Effective before you Begin the Pursuit” I think this is quite insightful and the crux of the matter. The first step is always finding that place of relevance. It Can Only Get Better. Kudos!

  3. You are a hero Akin. I only have a sentence to describe you. You use your brain better than how lionel messi uses his feet. Jazakumlakhairan

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