Think Opportunities!

On Opportunity is defined as a situation or condition favorable for attainment of a goal.   It is also known good position, chance, or prospect, as for advancement or success. Have you ever imagined the way the world will look like if we are all able to unlock opportunities wherever you find yourself. Looking at Nigeria opportunities abound , so when you try to give excuses for losing an opportunity failing to understand that you can find another. Our immediate environment, the place we live thus presents us with a lot of opportunities only if you begin to get some clarity using the intuitive power of the brain – our thoughts.

Nigeria is richly blessed with great natural and human resources, we always wonder why we still remain at the bottom. There are vast opportunities in virtually every field of endeavor but we often look at some with pride that we often say we don’t belong there. For us to build a great system that would be an example to many we must begin to see our problems from within and see them as an opportunity to seek for solutions from within not from without.

Nothing limits achievement like small thinking. Nothing expands possibilities like unleashed thinking. If you unleash your thoughts you can empower your future by beginning to think like a king. You have to seize that opportunity and stop giving excuses because of one door just got shot on you. Be part of that mental game because there are opportunities everywhere.

Remember, it is not every opportunity that leads to success but you have to keep seeking for the right one. For every great rise you need to pay a great price. So go ahead keep thinking about the next opportunity!

“It is not every change that leads to improvement but you need change to improve.”



1. Opportunity:

2. Velocity by Smith Bam


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